My GoPro Hero 3+

Hello..ah ah ah...This is my first post here in blogger ..hmmm...I don't know what to write but I have already something in mind to post.
Here is the thing..I am not fan of gadgets but I think my Boyfriend (My King) influence me to be a fan of it. I never thought I can buy costly gadgets, but now I own some..(Acer Laptop,S4,Canon digicam and DSLR, Gopro Hero3+) ..This things never came up in my mind.

The story behind my Gopro Hero3+...Wherever we go to the mall with my boyfie he always drag me to  extreme sports store, gadgets store,computer store etc..and we saw this thing Gopro...He always said that he want to own one someday. Hmmm... When I ask him about the cost of Gopro he told me the price ..and OMG..what a costly small thing...never ever come to my mind to buy one. So days had pass by, and my workmates wants to go to the beach..I had carry my phone and Canon and we took pictures...The other people who are invited there have their Gopro Hero..I even don't know what kind of Gopro..So we took pictures...chit chat...We went home at late afternoon and my colleague started to tagged me in facebook. I saw how beautiful, clear, wide images we got in Gopro so I decided to buy one immediately..So thats the story of my Gopro..ejejje..


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