King of My Life

This is my boyfriend and his name is King. He really likes to climb trees...ejejje (^_^)...joke..I'm just kidding..ejejej...

My King calls me pawikan (Turtle) and I call him Kingkong (Monkey).. Behind those endearment or should I say pet name, we tried to think what will be our love name, just to show how affectionate we are. We try to call each other honey, babe other couple endearments name but we felt corny with those names..ejejje... He started to call me pawikan when he and his friends visited my home. I wore the helmet in reverse..ajajja..and he laugh at me because I look like a pawikan. I think I really look like a turtle but its cute..(^_^)..It's time for me to tell why I call him Kingkong. We all know that there is a movie title Kingkong. His name is King and the movie title was Kingkong and boalaaaaa... I already have my pet name for him...ajajja..That's the story of our pet name but we really do have our own unique couple names. I call him My King for him to know that he is the only man, boyfriend, best friend and soon to be my husband. hmmm..ejeje...He also call me Reu Ko it sounds like anime right? He really knows that I love anime that's why he make his own love name for me....

Our love story on how we meet. 

It was When I was in my 2nd year college when I heard name King. That name is very known in IT and Comscie department or CAS. He is a very well known programmer in the CAS department. My king comes to school very often because he is a working student and he pays his own tuition fee. I do have a classmate who works with King in the same company. He told me that King is our classmate. For my curiosity when he enter the classroom I already saw him at the back. I got a chance to see him..ejejej... When I saw him...I said to myself...ahhh..that's King ..he seems to be so thin, and had his long dreadlocks hair..I already have a crush on him. hmmm ...I am really fan of intelligent person,bright and smart ^_^..ejejej... I think he is really famous because even though he never comes to school very often he can answer exams, especially in programming. In the long run, I am already in my 4th year college. I really have difficulty looking for a programmer to help our system. The documentation is not that really a problem even though I am the only one who made documentation. My other group mates is not that really helpful for me. 

March 19,2010, I went to school to submit my thesis title, when I saw King together with his classmates.I told to myself, how I wish King is my friend so that I can ask for help. I am just looking him far away, because I am not that kind of woman that men will notice my beauty..ejeje..I just wear t-shit,pants,rubber shoes and don't have a makeup. In short I am just a simple woman..ejejje..So, I saw my classmate who was King workmates and asking him for help. If he know a programmer that could help me. He helped me we went to that programmers house and I discuss him our system together with my other thesis member. 

ITE Night Picture

March 21,2010, we had our yearly ITE night. All Computer Science and IT students gather in Victorianos for our costume party. That's time when I had a chance to talk to him. He pass by me wearing a wig and I smiled him. I had a classmate who knows King and he stay with us. The party started and my  other schoolmate and classmates dancing. I just at the side of the room when King and me left there. I talked to him first and I said ( ikaw si King no?) ajajaj..he is a little bit shock because I know his name. And we started talking each other. He asked my number and said (kung naa mo need sa system ninyu itext lang ko)..ajajaj.(^_^)..I am very happy that time. After the party my classmate and my schoolmates went out and they asking for Kings multicab to be used. They want to go somewhere after the party. My classmates told me that I went in King's house to get his multicab, they said  (yaw kabalaka reu buotan mana c King) so without hesitation. I go with him..ajajja...and we went to his house to get the muticab and we stroll whole night together with my classmates. It was just 1 week left before end of school. So when King texted me, sending me quotes. I quickly response to his text. Sometimes I used my board mates number. King always comes to school in that week. Sometimes I heard his friends teasing at him.They said that there is a reason why he comes to school always...ajaja..I am flattered because he will meet up with me. Also there is a time that I am surprised because he comes to library out of the blue even though I haven't told him for not having a that time.ajajjaa. He invited me to eat dinner with him and we started to know each other more and more..^_^

When King texted me and said "I love You"..I told my board mates what would I reply. And she said to me, (bai, ingna siya sa personal mag I Love You..ajaj)..and I texted him. That he needs to said those words in person. So he invited me to go with him and we went to Dencios at Hilltop. I thought that he will ask me to be his girlfriend but to my dismay, he didn't ask me.jajja...assuming me...when we went home, at his multicab he suddenly said that (I Love You Reu) ajaja..I am a little bit flattered and nervous because I don't know what to reply. and I replied ( Unsa man akong ireply?) and he said (ikaw man ang mo tubag kai ikaw man babae) and I replied (Sige on nata). It was March 26,2010 almost midnight...That's our official date to celebrate. He also said to me.. (Ayaw ug katkat sa gate ha?) because I told him that I climbed my boarding house gate twice. He also sent me 100 load in that night. I think he sent me load for me to reply him when he text me. His friends said, that King don't have a girlfriend for 4 years. hehehhe... I am so glad that I choose him. Even though it was a little short time to know each other but our relationship are getting stronger now. It's just only 5 days ......jajjaja...I believe that it's not how long you know each other to know what you really feels. It is how you care and trust each other. Now we are in 4 years and 6 months on our relationship. I am hoping to get married soon..ahahhaha...

When I read some of my writings, He is really the answer to my prayer. Before when I get so emotional, I wrote something on my notebook. All my thoughts I wrote it all. And when I read it year later. I can say that he is the answer to my prayers. I also let him read it. jajjaja..I kept in my box in the house to be remembered. .. (^_^)

This is us now, one of our moments together as a lovers. We are happy and contented with each other.  I really love My king because he knows how to make me calm. He just brings me food and I will be okey...ajajaj...My first and last man of my life...^_^

Reu♥ Happy ^_^

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