Moms Favorite Cartoon

Hana no Ko LunLun or Magical Girl

My mom saw this cartoon when she was young. Mom bought this pencil case and kept it for so long. Until she was married and got me, still the pencil case is still there.  She really kept this pencil until I saw this pencil case and hid that without her permissions. ..ajajja.., I really love the picture of this beautiful cartoon. When she's asking me where is her pencil case, I told her that I hide it and not to worry. I asked my mom what is the title of this anime and she said that she  forgot. The pencil case doesn't have a title as you can see in the photo. I asked my mom whats the story of this cartoon, and she said that the girl in the pictures changes her clothes because of a magical flower. I research it as long as I heard using the Idea that my mom told me. Recently I just found out the title and it was (Hana no ko LunLun). I downloaded the episodes and told my mom that I already found her favorite cartoon and she was very happy and pleased. Finally we found the title of her favorite cartoon. My skills as an SEO really helps when time like this...ajajajaj ..


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