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Hi again....I think, I do love writing now, since my facebook don't have likers...jajajjaa...its funny though...(^_^)..When I was young I love to collect anything as long as its anime. I don't know why but it really helps me to achieve something in life. As for me, anime helps free me from stress. I just watched anime and stress is gone... Hmmm I like to draw before and its because anime helps me to boost my talent in drawing. I guess I am more talented in drawing before than now. All in all anime is one of my inspirations and helper aside from my family and God. It's okey to be an anime fanatic as long as it's not gonna ruin your studies, in reverse just make it as an inspiration for you to achieve something, just like anime stories. I do have a lot of story to tell about anime, my family,my lovelife,travel,friends and experience in my future post..jejjejej. I am hoping that I will not get lazy writing. ajajja....

I want to study more in english grammar..jujjujuju..its irritating. When I was in elementary and highschool I always gets perfect in exam. My teacher always gave test papers for me to check it. But now english is not good. I will just make it a habit when it comes to writing so that in the future, writing for me is easy. Practice it possible..hahhaha...

oyasuminasai.... :D (^_^)

Reu Desu

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