My Family

This is my simple family...(^_^).. Lets start from the left when your facing your monitor (my father in blue shirt, my sister in stripe shirt,me in yellow, my nephew, my mother who holds my nephew, my brother in violet shirt and my lola with eyeglasses).... ^_^..

This picture is taken Last 2012 New years eve. We live in a simple house with lots of happiness. We face struggles specially when I was in my college days. The source of our income is a normal banana plantation in which my father and brother works on it. If you notice in the picture that my father hold his crutches, it was in my 3rd year college year 2009 when my fathers foot was cut off, because he has diabetes. I thought my father would die because he is so thin back then, but thank God after months of being in a wheelchair he can walk with the helps of crutches.  

Last year December 16,2013 my father die. I didn't expect him to die so sudden, because in that week I called my mother to ask them what gift they want in Christmas. They told me these....and that.... my father want me to gave him a pants. Also in that week, I am so busy practicing our dance for our Christmas party. When our Christmas party comes, I felt sudden nervous and palpitation whatsoever that I could not explain. I just think of it as a nervousness because of my participation in the party. In that night I am very happy because it's my first time to attend a company party. It is a formal party in which we dress up in formal attire. After that night I decided to sleep in my workmates house. But suddenly I received a text message from my friend and she said that my sister posted in facebook that my father is in the hospital and they are hoping that my father will be okey. I called my mother to checked if my father was okey, and she said that my father have difficulty in breathing. I wanted to go home that night but my boyfriend won't allow me to go home. So I went home to my apartment and my boyfriend fetched me there, because he wants me to go in there house so that early in the morning I can go to the hospital. I woke up early in that morning and went over to the hospital. I cried when I saw my father wearing a breathing apparatus with oxygen. I decided to watch over him with my mother for two days. When my brother was there we decided to pray and told my father to confess his sin even though he had difficulty in breathing and words coming from his mouth are not clear, but still he tried his best to talked. In that night my relatives visited my father and also our pastor to pray over him. 

Dawn Monday, when me and my mother noticed him talking in different language, tagalog,bisaya and English. My father sang a song for my mother like (together again) because there relationship is not good. As a wife my mother comforted him. My father also said this to my mother (pasensya naka neng), they asked forgiveness with each other and when I saw it, I felt happiness. So after then, my father said this (naa lagi mo?) me and my mother stared to each other and we said who are those people that my father is talking to? I told my mother to ask my father who are those people he saw. My father said he saw two people standing at the bottom of his feet, one is a person that is black and the other one is person with light. I don't know if it was there because we haven't see it. So when we heard that he saw black person we decided to play Godly music and pray again. I told my mother to ask again my father if the black shadow or whatever it is still there. It was written in the Bible that if the person will almost die there are angels will come and get you when you die, just like Lazarus the story in the Bible. My mother ask to my father if the blackman is there and he said that the blackman is gone, only the light remains. My mother ask again and again to be sure if the light is there.

mama: unsa nkita nimo Boy?
papa: kahayag
mama : wala na tong itom?
papa: wala na
mama : wala na gyud ang itom Boy?
papa: wala na lagi, hayag lagi akong mkita, kasamok ba ninyu uie.

It was a cute conversation I heard from after that we felt relieved because if my father will die we know that he will be in heaven together with our God.

In that morning, my brother replaced to be a watcher because my mother went home. I am still there and never leave my father. We watch TV....... but suddenly my fathers breathing is worsen so we decided to call nurses and I called my mother to come over as fast as she could because the doctor said that we need to transfer my father to a bigger hospital. We went to near private hospital and they examined my father. They told us that my father will be in ICU more than 20k in one night. My mother cried because we don't have money that much. My mother had difficulties in decision making that time and told me that we need to transfer my father to other hospital. She told me either Tagum or Davao Hospital and I told her that I choose Davao because whatever we need, many of our relatives are over there so we can ask them for help, while in Tagum we don't have relatives. So we decided to go Davao. That private hospital never let us to used ambulance without payment. So my mother went to City Hall to use the public ambulance. I took over to watch my father there and decided to enter the emergency room, what I saw is very hurtful for me, the nurses and doctors left my father there with all the apparatus in his body. They just look him and never helped my father when we decided to transfer him. I really hate them that much. When my mother came back they won't allow us to go because we need to pay bills. With a little short time, maybe it was more or less 30 minutes  that we are there and we need to pay the hospital for almost 3k. They ask payment but they never do something to help my father. grrrrr.......I told my mother to go first and I would be the one to pay the bills. Also my brother is still in the previous hospital waiting for the x-ray and FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar Levels -Diabetes My brother can't go out from the hospital because he needs to pay 1k, but he doesn't have money that time so I paid 1k, and the remaining balance will be paid by the company. After I got the results, I went to Davao and called my mother if my father is already okey. She said that they still in the emergency room. My workmates always texted me if how is my father and they want to visit after work since we already here in Davao. When I got there in the hospital, my relatives are already there. In the emergency room they won't allow many watchers because the place is very crowded and surrounded with many patients. My mother is handling many papers for us to get a room. But my fathers condition is becoming worst and worst. I am the one left there since my relatives is outside the emergency room. I held my fathers hand and pray for him. I told to God that to let my father go. I know that he will be in good hands since I trusted the light that my father saw and believed that it is an Angel. After I prayed my father hold my hands and he can't breath anymore, it was his last breath. I called nurses to helped him revived and called my mother and relatives. They went over to the emergency room and we all cried. He died December 16, 2013, 9 days before Christmas. My family decided that will held the last funeral before Christmas Eve and it was Last December 23, 2013. I called my sister and brother through cellphone to let them know that our father is already dead. I heard them crying through cellphone. My brother and his wife decided to go in SPMC hospital. Together with my relatives we talked aboutwhere to buy coffin and where to bury my fathers body. There are some guy talked with us and said that they had 5k coffin. My mother and me wants to but the coffin but my aunts that had already experienced of losing a love one told us not to buy and she said to that guy that " kana inyung lungon basi mahulog among minatay ana". Then I decided to used my St. Peter because in my age I want to be prepare so that my family will not suffer if there something happen to me. I am also thankful to my king that helps me paid my St. Peter and its really a big help for me. I told my mother and relatives that I will be using my St. Peter. Before my father had a St. Peter but they loan it for my studies in college. That time I want to help my family specially for my father. I called my agent to help us and she replied ASAP. Together with my brother, sister in law, my mother and me,we went to St. Peter Panacan. We went home and my brother remain there to look over my father. Then tomorrow we fetched my father and went over to the place where he will be embalm. My agent told me that I need to pay the remaining balance which is 13k because my St. Peter plan is 45k for them to convey the coffin that my father will be using, so I withdraw cash in my bank account and paid all the remaining balance. My mother told me that she will pay me after she claimed all the benefits that my father will leave unto her but I told my mother that I don't want her, my brother and my sister to pay me because we are family and I just wanted to be of help. So after paying all the balances my mother and I waited the whole day to the embalm place. Then in the late afternoon we went home with my fathers body in the coffin. My sister and lola are waiting in our home and they cried. My lola said to me (salvy naa na jud sa lungon imohang papa) and she cried so much. We are all sad. In that week, I used my vacation and sick leave from the office with the help of my supervisor. My mother and I went to Davao to took care of the papers from the hospital to the city city hall then going to St. Peter Panacan, then we went sightseeing to Panabo Cemetery then to Palm Haven in Bingcongan and we choose to bury my father to Palm Haven Cemetery. It's a very tiring to us but we need to took care of those things. In that week also, I am very thankful to my relatives, neighbors, my kings friends and my workmates who visited in my fathers wake. Their presence are very helpful in those times. I am thankful to God that He already prepared all the things that we need specially money, because without money we can't process all the things that we need for my fathers burial.

It was really the saddest part of my life. I just thought that it was just a dream but it really happened in reality. I just accept it and I know that my father is with God right now. He is happy with our Great Father and Creator.

As I remember there is a watch that I kept for so long and my father always asking me for that. I thought that he forgot the watch because I kept it for a long years. It When he asked me December last month, I gave him the old watch that he want. After 2 weeks he die. I think it is a sign that God will get him. I only remember his back with crutches the last time I went home. I look him for a minute when he walks away to the gate of our house. I never thought that it will be the last. I am thankful that he didn't suffer for a long time. I will remember him as a good father. ^_^


This picture is taken December 24, 2014, our first Christmas without my father. We look so downfall,lonely, tired and empty. But still we decide to be happy because we know that my father love Christmas. We know that he will be happy if we also are happy. ... We miss you so much pa..We love you so much... We know that you are in good hands right now.


Even though my father is not with us. Still our family is increasing.  
For you to know them let's start again from the left side of your monitor. 

Michael - with the violet sando (husband of my little sister)
Shiza - my little sister
Ezekiel - my little nephew
Lydia - my lola
Neneng - my mother in yellow green shirt
Jeannifer - my brothers wife
Dodong - my littler brother
King - my boyfriend and soon to be my husband 
Me - eldest sibling 


This  is our first fathers day in a cemetery. We are complete in this picture and we look very happy. We accept our fathers death because it is God's will.

I will always pray that God will be with us forever. He will guide me and my family and protect us from danger. I also pray that in my family our unity and love will still be there even in our new generations of my family. Thank you so much Lord for everything. I can't do nothing without You Lord. 

Whatever happens in our life, just learn to accept it and go with the flow. We don't know what life's 
ahead but remember to take over your life to our God. Whatever happens. Just Trust the Lord and He will never leave us.

Reu♥ ^_^ *_*

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