My Pets

This is Coca a cute a brown hairy fury dog.. (^_^). I saw this dog when we went to Kings friend house. They have this 4 little puppies there and I told his friend that I want to have one of his puppy. But his friend told me that those puppies are already taken so I am a bit disappointed. But I am surprised when King brought Coca as his surprise gift on our monthsary. I am blissful that time coz King surprised me. This dog is really tender and kind...

This is Chiwawa, my steady kind of dog. ajajaj... We had this dog from our relatives. This dog likes to eat slippers, papers and other things.. but this female dog is so tender.

This is Mayo, our cute little puppy. My sister found this at the other sidewalk near our house. I think the owner of this dog threw him. This dog his homeless so my sister took him and now he is fine and healthy. This dogs love to eat foods, whatever kind of foods he gonna eat it with extremely gratitude,but sadly she is already dead.jujuju


This is Baid-id. My sister name this cat baid-id because he loves to rub his body unto your feet. ajaja..Wherever you go he will follow you and scrape his hair.

This is Kebol my chubby cat. Baid-id and Kebol are siblings but they don't like each other much. This cat loves to wonder everywhere. This year he already died.

List of My RIP Pets

Dogs:                        Cats:

Whitey                      Murfy
Browney                   Kerk
Tootsie                     Philip

Many to mentions.

I really miss my pets, especially those pets that I took really care when they are sick.
I know that my pets have their own place right now... Miss you all my cute little wanderers....(^_^)


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