Our Couples Ring


Tantanannnnnn..........tantananannnn...jejeje....I hear wedding bells ringing...xoxo....Nope, you are mistaken..ajajja.. ^_^...This ring is not a wedding ring, it is only a couples ring.My king bought this ring from his fellow church mate who happened to be someone he admire before...ejejje..It's already past so I don't have nothing to worry about. As you can see, our combination name is engraved to that ring. It symbolize how much we care and love each other.Hmmmmmmmmm.... Somehow, we didn't wear it right now. I just kept the ring to avoid of losing it. I really like to keep things for remembrance, and our couple ring is one of those things that I really treasure. Hoping to wear something that I will truly care just like a wedding ring. Am I assuming?'s just that I really excited to have my own family. Hoping to make it happen so soon...jejjeje.... 

xoxo ^_^



  1. I guess I should plan my vacation leave now :D. I also have to find a suit to wear on your day, isn't it Reu? :D

  2. Thanks Lou for the comment... ^_^
    Yahh..your right Lou, I should have to prepare my dress for my big day.
    jajjaja..kinda funny, but I am excited..ejejje


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