Prayer Key Family From Rex Humbard

This key is very important to my grandmother. My mom kept this key when she saw this from my grandmother hidden box. What's so funny here is my mom really love to keep things just like what I do..ahahha. My mom hid the key for more than 34 years now, its really a long years just like how my mother kept her favorite cartoon. 

My grandmother got this key from Sir Rex Humbard a missionary from US. She sent him a letter asking for advice about Bible teachings, because my grandmother is a Bible teacher. Sir Rex Humbard sent her this key through email and that's how my grandmother got this key. It is really precious thing to her, that's why she kept this key and my mother have this already. I saw the key when I was young and asked my mom to give me the key, and she said that she will give me the key someday. 

You know what, when you touched the key, you will be amazed because as I noticed when the weather is warm the key is soft, but when it's cold the key is very hard. I just thought of having this key pass to my new generation someday.


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