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October 7, 2014

This pictures was taken last  Oct. 4, 2014.

This is our first movie marathon with my church mates. We really had a great time watching movies that time. We watched wishing stairs (korean horror), in your eyes (hollywood), and fozen flower (korean movie). We used projector from our church and as you can see in the picture it really looks like a cinema..ajajja... ^_^ We sat down near at the screen and we really felt the tense as we watch wishing stair movie. The scary part is when the ghost coming from the window use her hands to come down. The girl is very scary and we used blanket to cover our face just not to see the face of the ghost. It really looks like she will come out from the screen and we really shout...ahahaha...The kids are also scared but we really enjoyed watching horror movies. 

For now I am downloading Thailand horror movies and Korean Horror Movies, because their horror movies are very scary that will make your hair stand. We are planning to schedule movie marathon every month. whoahhhhh...I am very excited to watch again with them.



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