Invitation For My Friends Wedding

April 28, 2015

Congrats in advance Jason and Honey ^_^...This invitation is really cute and unique. I am happy with this two person for more than 11 years in a relationships, they still together as two people who are really in love. Imagine for today's generation how far can relationship go. I am really thankful that I was given an invitation for their upcoming wedding. Jason is my workmates and I recently met his girlfriend. Honey and I had a lots of friends in common this is why I am not that timid to talked to her. God Bless You Both and more Blessings to come...

This picture was taken the day of the wedding using my mobile phone together with my workmates. I am happy to be there at the reception since they have my favorite foods lechon and telapia. ajaja... A picture worth a thousands  words.


The Old Photograph

My old photo taken year 2004

This story starts when I was in 3rd year high school year 2004.

When I was in 3rd year high school my parents decided to buy me a cellphone. That time I had my 3210 nokia cellphone. I was very happy because for the first time I had my own cellphone and thankful for my parents for giving me a wonderful gift. Some of my classmates who had cellphone tried to have a text mate for them to made friends. When I didn't have my cellphone, I borrowed their cellphone to dial unknown numbers. So when I had my cellphone, I also tried to dial unknown numbers. Prepaid load before is expensive because unlimited text is not that known. Until I had this text mate that I really care, his name is Marvin. He lives in Manila far away from me. I am 14 years old that time and he was 21 years old. I think of him as a matured person because the way he took care of me even he doesn't see me in person. He is jealous and think of something if I didn't reply to his text right away. All his text message I wrote it in my notebook and I still have it until now. When he called me, his voice is really nice and manly. ajajja.. I am really shy to talked to him because I had this spiral tongue when I talked Tagalog dialect. His brother Allan called me also and he made fun of me because the ways I spoke tagalog. ajaja.. Even my mother and sister laugh at me because they eavesdropping when those two brothers called me. Marvin told me that he had many tattoos on his body and they are really poor. I don't even mind about their livings as long as that he is good to me. I am a boyish girl and thought that no one will ever love me and I took the chance that someone took care of me even though we haven't meet. His brother told the opposite when he told me that they have 2 storey house and they live a good life. I really just thought that time, that Marvin lied to me, but when he said that he was dying and months to live I really cried. I told my churchmates that I need their prayers for Marvin and we prayed together. Marvin said that his last wish is to see me through a picture. My mother bought me a red blouse, sandal and we decided to go to a studio for me to have a solo picture. It was my first and last solo picture in studio. Until now I haven't been in a studio since that day. After taking pictures we went to a warehouse and I bought a ring for Marvin and me. ejeje.. ^_^ Then I wrote a letter together with a ring,my picture and sent it to the post office. My mother gave 500 pesos because it will help Marvin for his medication. We don't have a lots of money so just an amount of money with prayers can help him. Days had passed after we sent the letter from the post office, I haven't heard a reply coming from him. I was really sad because I don't know what happened if he is still alive or not...^_^ ..If only there is a facebook that time,..hahayyyyy...

10 years Later year 2013

I had my first boyfriend since 2010 up to now his name is King. My King said to his girl classmate, I name her Mika to hide her realname.. King told her that he wants to buy a video cam and need permissions on me. 

Mika: why need persmissions to her? 

King: I don't want her to get angry if I buy something that she doesn't know.
Mika: What is you're girlfriends name kuya?
King: Her name is Reu Salvy....
Mika: 0_0 ..Kuya King, I heard that name from my uncle
King: Who's uncle?
Mika: My uncle who had a picture of Reu, you're girlfriend. My uncle had her picture long time ago. I've seen her in my uncle's room. I knew all people in my uncle's picture frames except her. So I asked my uncle out of curiosity if who is she. He told me that he saw Reus picture from a friend and he asked his friend if he could keep that picture. Then his friend gave Reus photo to my uncle.

I was busy that time working my homebased animoto videos, suddenly King called me that one of her classmates knew about me. He told me everything about what Mika said. I told my King to ask her about what color of the blouse I wore in the picture. Mika answered all about my questions but still I could not believe. I just told my King that I don't believe something like that. ajaja.. When my King went home he told me everything and even showed me a picture of his classmate Mika. My King told me that we can meet by nextweek because they choose their final multimedia project locations where King lives. 

The day of shooting for the final multimedia project. King classmates come over to the house but Mika hasn't come yet. King said that they will come by taxi. I am curios and wants to ask many things about his uncle. I really think that he is Marvin. ajaja. So when Mika arrived, King told Mika and said, is this Reu from the picture you saw in your uncles room? and she said yes Kuya King without a word coming from her mouth. I just smiled at her and she smiled at me. After their shooting, I asked her all questions that I come in mind. She answered all my questions and even showed his uncle picture to me,king and my kings friends. I can tell that he is handsome.  I saw in my kings eyes that he is jealous, but I never showed my appreciation to avoid conflict with my King. After the break time they continue their shooting and decided to change locations for tomorrow. 

It was Sunday and I decided to come with my King for the continuation of their projects. I saw Mika, she is there because she is the main character of the video that they are making. After the shooting, someone called Mika and that calls made her cry. She said that her father is angry with her and she is grounded. Her father took his car because of some business that Mika hadn't went. She said to his uncle, I will not tell his real name and maybe I also doesn't knew his real name. I will just name him Raj. So Mika told us that his uncle is on the trip and that business problem is for his uncle to took care and pass on to her because his uncle couldn't attend while on a trip. Mika called her uncle and told everything that her father is angry. I was just listening about their conversation even though I really couldn't hear. I am thinking that the person on the other line is the person who had my old photo for more than 10 years. After the talking Mika decided that she will stay at her aunts house and we convey her using King multicab to her aunts. After that time my king cellphone was on me and I decided to save Mika phone number to my cellphone. I really don't knew why I did that but one thing is for sure. I am curios to see the person who had my picture. I texted Mika and we exchanged text messages until she added me on her facebook. Mika told me that his uncle had a girlfriend for more than 3 years but she doesn't like the girl for bad characteristic of being a woman. Mika told me that together with his uncle they visit the place where I used to worked before. One of the malls here in Davao. I told Mika why you didn't come over or try to talked to me? She said that his uncle is shy and they don't know how to approach me. Mika also told me that when they visit peoples park they saw me with my girls friends rooming around the park and they just followed me wherever I go. They just hide in the statues of the parks. ajaja..^_^

After how many days, I received a message on my facebook using Mika account and it was Raj he even used Mika skype accounts to chat with me. I was being intimidate to chat with him because he chat in english and as of now my english is not so good..ejeje... So he told me that he wants to see me someday. I just told him that why someday? Why can't we do it now? He just said we will meet someday at the right time. I think in that week we chatted until dawn. There is a time that I mentioned about my fathers conditions and Raj offer a help, he said that Mikas mother is a doctor and can help me. I just told him that we are okey and my father is okey right now and I am thankful for his offer. If I grabbed that chance maybe we had met already. There is a time that when Raj and I chatted until dawn, he wants to excuse because there is an urgent matter that need to be resolved in Marco Polo Hotel. So I let him went out and I slept after we chat. In the office I told one of my workmates about what Raj told me that he went out to Marco Polo. After the working hours we decided to visit Marco Polo  and checked if there is a Person who stayed there named Raj. But the information officer told us that there is no one stayed in the hotel with that name.'s funny that we thought of that thing..ajajaja..I just really can't help thinking about it because they always stayed in that hotel even Raj birthday they stayed there. Then one time when we chatted again, he asked me if I do have a passport. I told him that I do have a passport but the expiration date is near. He said that maybe one day we could stay at his house in Tagaytay and his house in US. So far from my imagination but I really imagined that it was like a Korean Drama. I just kept imagining something and talked to my self is it really really real? It is just like a movie or a korean drama series that I always watched and still couldn't believe. I am just amazed that even though he is kinda busy and chatting his client he had time to chat with me. I don't know what is their business because I didn't asked him but I am thankful and flattered about giving me a time.  He even told me once that he will visit US for business purposes, and I even told him take care because its far away from here. I just thought that he will stayed there for a months but he said don't worry I will be gone for 2 days. I was in shocked and asked him that ticket is very expensive and he will only stayed there for 2 days..., he said I will be using our private plane to go there in US. I was in  0_0... I never thought that they are people who had a private plane aside from Pacman here in Davao Philippines, and where it could be?  hmmm.. I just can't believe it that this man is very rich. So I told him that you are really a rich man and he told me he is not rich, the business that he is taking care of is from Mikas father. Someday Mika will be taking care the business that his father had that is why he is helping Mika. But Mika doesn't want to learn the business because she wanted to be a teacher. Mika is the only child so he said that she must learn how to do the business. I just think of him as being humble and kind. ^_^...So I told my friends about it and they said that they will not believe me unless Raj will show up. So I told Raj about it and he said that someday he wants to meet me in person and I will not be worried to meet his family because his family already knew me and saw me at the mall. He even said that when we meet I will bring all my friends who said that he was not real. Raj also said t that he was on tears when he saw King fetched me up. I was in a little bit shocked that he already knew where I worked. I asked him how would I recognize if he was there outside the office. He told me that I may not know because he always changed his cars when visiting the office.  So every time before my office hours ends. I looked outside from 4th floor, looking if there's a car waiting outside before my work of the day ends. Yeahh...I will be out before 5pm and I noticed that there is a car who parks near at the office before 5pm so when I went out, I felt a little bit conscious just thinking that someone watching me behind the window car. Sometimes I noticed that because I had already a feeling the someone is watching over me, so every cars that parked near the office , I had a feeling that he is there. Also  I noticed that sometimes just like what I said that I watched from the 4th flor if there is a car who parked near the office before 5pm, so when I'll be out, I kept on pretending that I haven't noticed yet. When I passed by the car and walked far away, then when I turned around the car went away.  ajjajaj ^_^.. Maybe it's just a feeling of me that someone out there looking for me. Raj said that sometimes he come down from the car when he saw me walking outside the office, then we converge with each other. It's just that I haven't seen a picture of him that time. That is why if we converge I will never recognize him that time. When I told my mother everything about it, she just said that I will take care of myself because I haven't know that man. My mother is just worried about me. But for me, I don't have a feeling of being scared. ^_^

One day my King asked me to accompany him. He wants to buy an new cellphone because his cellphone is broken. When King is busy looking for a new cellphone, I went outside the store and saw this young skinny, tall, white man who is busy talking to a cellphone. Our eyes just met but it was just sudden until he pass by me. I grabbed my kings hands and point the man that I saw. I told him that my king that man is very tall. I think his height is 6' or more than. My king doesn't care but I didn't forget him. Days had pass Raj and I never chatted again. But when Raj chatted me I replied and asked to send me a picture just only one picture. He said that he will not send me because he is shy and not that handsome. I said its okey because even me I am not that beautiful. He said that Reu you're beautiful and I already knew you. I told him you don't know me and he said I just knew you. Maybe its because we gave 500 pesos to the friend who had my photo and I don't even know if he is Marvin or not. It's very confusing. He said that he had a crush on me when he saw my picture at his friend house. That is why he asked his friend if its okey to keep my picture. I just wonder if Raj friend is Marvin but Raj said that his friend got it from the other friend. It's really confusing how my photo travels and got to Raj hands. His friend gave my photo to him and he put it in a glass bowl where no one can't open. Even Mika told me that there is a code before you can open that frame. I wonder what kind of frame is that. ajaja..He was just 17 years old when he saw my photo. He said that he was an MVP player at Ateneo Manila, knew how to sing, play instruments and know how to cook. ajaja..Amazing...I really can't believe that this can happen... I kept asking his picture until he said that he will asked Mika to send me some of his pictures. Mika send me some of his pictures and saw him in a photo that Mika sent me. He is really tall 6'2 heights and he is a half Korean. The man that I saw at the mall is him. I really thankful that I saw him in person..ejeje ^_^ Mika said that his uncle had my picture again got it from m facebook albums , he print it out and put it in a frame. He put it to his office and some employee are curios about me. Mika also told me that his uncle and her girlfriend is already breakup...Hmmmm.. I can't say anything. After that I kept researching on the internet and found out something. I saw a photo of him but that photo is kinda different. It shows the height difference to the photos Mika sent to me. So I call Mika and kept asking who is the person that I saw. Mika told me that she's afraid and wants me not to tell his uncle that she told me his uncle had a twin brother. Their faces are really the same but they had a height difference. Raj is 6'2 and his twin brother is 5'7 so that explains what I saw in the internet. 

Until My King discovered that I am in contact with them and got very angry. Our relationship got disturbed and nearly broken. But I told him that I will not contact them anymore. After how many days, I still got a message coming from Raj using Mikas account but I didn't reply. I don't know where they are but I am just hoping that they are in good health...^_^

I knew where Raj is staying right now, he told me the name of the condo and I knew where it is, but I haven't really sure if he is there because I never been there. Thank you for Lord for this nice story of mine...But this could not be the end as long as I breathe.... 

Some of my friends told me that I should take the chance to be with someone who can provide me with luxurious things. They said if they are in my position they will choose Raj. My King and I are not yet married, so I do have a chance. But I am not that kind of woman who will choose to live in a good life while my heart is not at ease. 

I am in a doubt thinking that it could be a fate because for how many years Raj suddenly appear with my Kings hands. If Mika and King didn't knew each other this could never happened. And if I haven't got Mika cellphone number this could never happened. But I had a questioned in mind, if Raj already knew my name why he didn't search me? When I told him that we have to meet to answer all my questions in mind. He just said that we will meet at the right time. When is the right time could he mean by that? Maybe he will show up when I l get married or when the time that I am dying? When is the right time???  When I am in this kind of difficulties God gave me a vision. 

I just had a dream and I think it's connected to my future.


In my dream, my King and I went to a vacation. We went to a beach and brought a lots of foods. I went to the seashore and the sea is very plain and clear it was silent and peaceful. I picked something in my bag and it was a doraemon airplane thing that when you put it in your head you can fly. So I used it and put in in my head and I flew above the peaceful sea and went over to another island. When I was there someone fetched me and told me that someone already prepared a foods for me. So I went together with a person to the place where the foods are there. While we are walking I noticed a man eating at the table and smiled at me. I was just curios who that man is and smiled him back. After I got the foods, I decided to went to seashore while thinking that I left my King so I must be back. When I am at the seashore and started to step on the water. The sea is not clear anymore, its just like a the sea is angry and there are lots of mountains keep suddenly appearing. I cried because I never went back to my King until I woke up. I just don't know why I dreamed like that but I already knew in my heart that this dream is full of meanings. I think I understood the message of my dreams.

God is really giving me such wonderful message, until now I really didn't forget my dream,  because it's full of meaningful messages and fate. I don't know what will happened to me but I put my life and fate to God.



I have been deceived for the past 2 years about this story. My emotions had been wasted and its very painful thinking that someone played my  weaknesses. I've been easy to deceive but please no more deceiving on my emotions. I now believe that this story only exist in a drama. Thanks for the person who made me fool, I know now how to criticize people. God Bless ^_^


Avengers Age of Ultron For 61st Monthsary

April 27, 2015

Taken April 26, 2015
Thanks for the treat my King, as always we made our monthsary memorable. We watched avengers movie at abreeza mall and our seats is really near at the big screen. While we are watching avengers, I couldn't help it but to laugh as much I can. I just felt that we we're watching movies at home. My feet is in the chair while my King smirks at me when I am in the moment of an inner conflict between hope of something wish for and reality when Thor and Captain America come out in the big screen. The movie is is hiatus between distinction of two separate views about humanity. There are really parts of the movie where you can laugh like when all the heroes are partying while trying to lift the hammer from Thor. ajajaj.. I really like the part when Captain America move the hammer a little and Thor face is kinda worried. ajaja.. ^_^

Also part of the movie when Ultron give the hammer to Thor without exerting effort like what Iron man did.ajajajaj ^_^.. All heroes are in shocked and I really love to look there funny faces. I am also sad because flash died saving Hawkeye and the little boy while saying " I didn't see it coming" ..jujuju .. Black Widow and Hulk are in love but they worried about their future so Hulk choose to be gone far away from Black Widow. I will be waiting for the next movies of Avengers. I am really looking forward to see them again specially Captain America, Thor and Ultron. jejej. My King they are only just my crushes in a movies,so don't get jealous.I love you My King.. heart heart heart.... ^_^

Happy 61st Monthsary ^_^


Bible Books and Stories

April 23, 2015

 I bought my Bible Last April 6, 2015. I am really grateful that finally I have my own personal Bible. I want to discover and learn the message of this Books. This is the books that took many lives before. I am thankful that in our generation, we are allowed to read the Bible. ^_^

I bought this last April 22,2015 . Finally I have my own Bible stories Book. I want to have this kind of books for my future children. I want them to know all the stories in the Bible before they read other books. I want them first to know that they are truly Blessed that God choose them in this world. Life is really amazing and beautiful.

Thank You Lord


My Books

 I love books coz learning is forever. I just love books but sometimes I am lazy reading. When bored some strikes me. But really I love books like quotations,poems, literature, arts and history. The ink is really amazing because the books written or print in ink still in generations to generations that can never be erased. I wonder why I love this old stuff. Is it because I was reincarnated? ajajaj.... ^_^ Sometimes after reading history books I watched if there is series of that books of historical characters. I just love the way they lived before not included the beheading of human. ejejej.. I don't like that scary thing to be in my generation now. 

I have lots of ebook in my cellphone but I haven't finish reading all of it. ajajaja..Just a compilations of nice story but I will read this after watching all the series and anime that I have in my pc and external drive. After watching all of my movies and series my project is to read many books as I can. jejej ^_^

God Bless To My Project ^_^


First Homemade Bibimbap

Taken April 11, 2015

I really love Korean foods right now especilly Korean Dolsot Bibimbap. I was eager to learn how to made this one so I can made it on my own. I just visit some sites, watching youtube tutorials and etc. I am happy the results coz my family love it so much. ^_^

Here, I bought all the Korean ingredients to make my own bibimbap. I am happy that I already bought this ingredients. It's not difficult to find store here because there are lots of Korean store here everywhere.  ^_^

I bought vegetables and prepare it myself. Really happy that on my first try the taste is so good. Now, I did a little experiment so that the taste are truly amazing. Not just bibimbap but I will try to study more about cooking. I just love cooking right now. jejeje ^_^


Crocodile Park Visit

Taken February 15,2015

Whoaa...the big snake ate my head..I'm scared..ejeje..Just Kidding.. ^_^..I just think that this is why I am not really afraid of snake it's maybe because I was born in year of the snake. Just a thought of me. Just lately my mother told me that when I was a baby she saw a silver light or gold light at the top of the mosquito net. She was just in shock and can't ever move or told my father that there is something at the top of the mosquito net. It was then that the moving object crawl towards the normal hole in our house, that the moving object is a snake. What could be the explanation of that? and I wonder why the snake visit me. ejeje.. Just my thoughts makes me weird..ejejej ^_^

I did not saw a Lion there so a picture with a Lion statue is enough for me. Also Lion is the King of the Jungle just like what I have a King of my life..ejejej ^_^


My King gave me an animal name (pawikan) I took a picture with my own turtle family.Turle is a cute animal so am I. nyahahah... ^_^

Look at that picture, my king is really afraid to hold the head of the snake. ajajaja.. So I took the chance to hold it while the snake is not hungry. A tips before holding a snake, wash your hands if you ate chicken or meat that makes your hands smells like a viand before holding a snake. Even they are full enough to eat as long as they can smell yummy chicken or meat, surely they will eat you. I just saw it a national geographic. Just a a tips... ^_^

Amazing Fire dance...they are really creative and make something like this. How difficult to dance with a fire but they manage to do it. This is truly a way of art and creative. ..

Great Experience.. ^_^


Crown Regency Adventures

Taken April 12-14, 2012

Zip Line

Zip line in Crown Regency Cebu is really amazing. I am at the top of the 40-storey hotel tower. I'ts kinda scary but I manage myself to be in that high position because I am not really afraid of heights. I like the feeling of my tickling stomach. jejeje.. I am only the one who tried zip line because my king is afraid. He just took some pictures of mine while I'm on a fly. jeje ^_^


This is an overlooking high place. I really like to see those sparkling light below. The air is really cold and freezing. Our knees got numb while trying the skywalk. You can see normal vehicles and establishment below because the floor is transparent. You are really walking in the sky.. ^_^

 Edge Coaster

Jajajaj... My kings face here is very funny. We got the feeling that we might fall because of the volt that holds us might broken. ajajaj... The adventures here is unforgettable.. ^_^

Until Next Time..^_^


Most Punctual At HP Sports Fest

Taken March 14,2015

It was our Hp Sports Fest when I received a 5 kls of rice and a certificate for always early and no absent in the office. It is a great and honor for me to received this gifts of paper that show my punctuality and loyalty to my work. My hard work is paid as long as they recognize my sincerity towards my work. 



Canon DSLR

My King gave me this surprised Christmas gift for me. I expect that this is a canon dslr because the shape and how it wrapped really looks fit as if its a dslr. But to my dismay when I open it, it was a beef loaf and pancit canton. was really a prank for me. But I knew deep in my heart and mind that My King really prepared a real canon dslr for me.  I guess I am right.. ^_^

Taddaaaaa... The real canon dlsr..^_^.. I am truly amazed on how my kings wrapped up things and how expensive his gift for me. I will really treasures all his gifts. Expensive gifts is not a measures on how much a person loves you. Its only a way of showing how much he treasures and care for you. 

Thank My King  ^_^


My Silver Day

My happy 25th Silver Day. I didn't not expect that my family would surprised me. My King made this tarpaulin for me as my family told him to made it for me. I felt that my family really loves me so much and I love them also.

They bought a cake for me and it was so delicious. Yummyyy...I felt so old but age becomes mortal for me. A birthday is gift to be celebrate.. Thanks to my family. ^_^

Yellow Cab, a pizza that my king bought. My family love this pizza because they can ate this more often. ejejej..Thanks my King ..

Wowwww...a big lechon for me. This is it. I really didn't expected also to have this lechon. I just thought having a simple dinner with my family. But they really made my day so happy. I just love lechon and the foods that they prepared. Thankful to my relatives,churchmates and neighbors who made my day happy. I am thankful for having a loving family. I am also thankful to God for having me this Blessings.

Happy Birthday To Me.. ^_^


Eden Natures Park - A Suprise For Me

Taken Last November 8-9, 2014

We looks very happy...we are so wild and free. Love makes us stronger. So My King stay by my side until the day that I will die. I Love You So Much My King ..^_^

I am thankful to God for having me this man. When my birthday was near last year he decided to make something that will makes me happy as an advanced gift for me. To brought me at Eden Natures Park as a surprised gift. I was surprised that he didn't tell me how much he paid for our stay at Eden. I just love the way they treat us. I feel like a princess for serving us foods even we come so late for breakfast. ajajaj... Really my King is amazing that I even not know how he plans all his surprised for me since the first monthsary gift he gave for me. Until now, he is still amazing when it comes to threw a surprised for me. I hope that you will never changed my King. ^_^

We starved to death for not caught a fish for lunch so early. It was past one o'clock and still we haven't catch a fish. I just prayed to God that he will let us catch a fish , a big and yummy fish for our lunch.  Taddaaa... I am thankful that I got this Big favorite fish...I am really thankful to God that He heard my prayer.. ^_^

It is my first time to rode on a horse..ejeje.. I am not scared but I felt so pity for the horse because she looks very tired. jujujuju

It his first time also to rode on a horse, and he looks like a cowboy...ejejejej....Smile my king.. ^_^

We tried this known Bicycle Trail in Eden and it looks very scary. My King didn't want to ride on that bicycle because he is afraid of heights. I just begged him that we must tried the adventure while we are there. The waves of the air made us dance at the center ..But the feeling is great.

Until Next Time.. ^_^


My Baldy Head

Jajajaj...This picture of me was so funny. I just can resist to laughed when I saw this picture of mine. This picture is 2 week later since I cut my hair in year 2009. My mother kept my shiny head picture. You know, I don't even expected that I can do such things as like this. In my college days, they said that I am only the woman they knew that cut hair as in baldy head. ajajaj.. The question is, how did I come up with such decision? so I will tell you why. I just thought that when I cut my hair very short, it grows very straight coz I do have a curly hair. But to my dismay my hair grows curly and thick. When my mother knew that I become hairless, she said that she would rush to come over to my boarding house, but she choose not to go. She waited days for her to calm down. When she saw me, she cried and said that I look like come from rehabilitation center. ajajaja... My mom said that my father would not allow me to go home since I become hairless. Father said that he will allow me to go home if my hair grows longer. Also my mother gave me a note, she said that my grandmother wants me to read scriptures from the Bible, it is about the hair of a woman.

1 Corinthians 11:13-16

 13 Judge in yourselves: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered?

14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.

16 But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.

The hair of a woman is her crown of Glory. Thanks to my family they made me realized how important I am for them. ^_^

Brave Girl...ejejeje ^_^


Brain Twister Game

I love this kind of game, it can make your brain works to its utmost. ajaja.. When I first played this game I don't want to sleep, coz I want to finish all the puzzles. I just love solving games like this. Also I knew how to play rubik's cube, I had interest on how to be good at it when my crush in college knew how to play rubik's cube, so I decided that I want to knew how to solve it. Also one of my favorite game is chess. I am a player since I was in elementary. It started when my crush knew how to play with it and taught me how. I found myself to be good at something when I have my own inspirations. ajajaja.. (^_^)

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