Avengers Age of Ultron For 61st Monthsary

Taken April 26, 2015
Thanks for the treat my King, as always we made our monthsary memorable. We watched avengers movie at abreeza mall and our seats is really near at the big screen. While we are watching avengers, I couldn't help it but to laugh as much I can. I just felt that we we're watching movies at home. My feet is in the chair while my King smirks at me when I am in the moment of an inner conflict between hope of something wish for and reality when Thor and Captain America come out in the big screen. The movie is is hiatus between distinction of two separate views about humanity. There are really parts of the movie where you can laugh like when all the heroes are partying while trying to lift the hammer from Thor. ajajaj.. I really like the part when Captain America move the hammer a little and Thor face is kinda worried. ajaja.. ^_^

Also part of the movie when Ultron give the hammer to Thor without exerting effort like what Iron man did.ajajajaj ^_^.. All heroes are in shocked and I really love to look there funny faces. I am also sad because flash died saving Hawkeye and the little boy while saying " I didn't see it coming" ..jujuju .. Black Widow and Hulk are in love but they worried about their future so Hulk choose to be gone far away from Black Widow. I will be waiting for the next movies of Avengers. I am really looking forward to see them again specially Captain America, Thor and Ultron. jejej. My King they are only just my crushes in a movies,so don't get jealous.I love you My King.. heart heart heart.... ^_^

Happy 61st Monthsary ^_^


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