Crocodile Park Visit

Taken February 15,2015

Whoaa...the big snake ate my head..I'm scared..ejeje..Just Kidding.. ^_^..I just think that this is why I am not really afraid of snake it's maybe because I was born in year of the snake. Just a thought of me. Just lately my mother told me that when I was a baby she saw a silver light or gold light at the top of the mosquito net. She was just in shock and can't ever move or told my father that there is something at the top of the mosquito net. It was then that the moving object crawl towards the normal hole in our house, that the moving object is a snake. What could be the explanation of that? and I wonder why the snake visit me. ejeje.. Just my thoughts makes me weird..ejejej ^_^

I did not saw a Lion there so a picture with a Lion statue is enough for me. Also Lion is the King of the Jungle just like what I have a King of my life..ejejej ^_^


My King gave me an animal name (pawikan) I took a picture with my own turtle family.Turle is a cute animal so am I. nyahahah... ^_^

Look at that picture, my king is really afraid to hold the head of the snake. ajajaja.. So I took the chance to hold it while the snake is not hungry. A tips before holding a snake, wash your hands if you ate chicken or meat that makes your hands smells like a viand before holding a snake. Even they are full enough to eat as long as they can smell yummy chicken or meat, surely they will eat you. I just saw it a national geographic. Just a a tips... ^_^

Amazing Fire dance...they are really creative and make something like this. How difficult to dance with a fire but they manage to do it. This is truly a way of art and creative. ..

Great Experience.. ^_^


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