Crown Regency Adventures

Taken April 12-14, 2012

Zip Line

Zip line in Crown Regency Cebu is really amazing. I am at the top of the 40-storey hotel tower. I'ts kinda scary but I manage myself to be in that high position because I am not really afraid of heights. I like the feeling of my tickling stomach. jejeje.. I am only the one who tried zip line because my king is afraid. He just took some pictures of mine while I'm on a fly. jeje ^_^


This is an overlooking high place. I really like to see those sparkling light below. The air is really cold and freezing. Our knees got numb while trying the skywalk. You can see normal vehicles and establishment below because the floor is transparent. You are really walking in the sky.. ^_^

 Edge Coaster

Jajajaj... My kings face here is very funny. We got the feeling that we might fall because of the volt that holds us might broken. ajajaj... The adventures here is unforgettable.. ^_^

Until Next Time..^_^


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