Eden Natures Park - A Suprise For Me

Taken Last November 8-9, 2014

We looks very happy...we are so wild and free. Love makes us stronger. So My King stay by my side until the day that I will die. I Love You So Much My King ..^_^

I am thankful to God for having me this man. When my birthday was near last year he decided to make something that will makes me happy as an advanced gift for me. To brought me at Eden Natures Park as a surprised gift. I was surprised that he didn't tell me how much he paid for our stay at Eden. I just love the way they treat us. I feel like a princess for serving us foods even we come so late for breakfast. ajajaj... Really my King is amazing that I even not know how he plans all his surprised for me since the first monthsary gift he gave for me. Until now, he is still amazing when it comes to threw a surprised for me. I hope that you will never changed my King. ^_^

We starved to death for not caught a fish for lunch so early. It was past one o'clock and still we haven't catch a fish. I just prayed to God that he will let us catch a fish , a big and yummy fish for our lunch.  Taddaaa... I am thankful that I got this Big favorite fish...I am really thankful to God that He heard my prayer.. ^_^

It is my first time to rode on a horse..ejeje.. I am not scared but I felt so pity for the horse because she looks very tired. jujujuju

It his first time also to rode on a horse, and he looks like a cowboy...ejejejej....Smile my king.. ^_^

We tried this known Bicycle Trail in Eden and it looks very scary. My King didn't want to ride on that bicycle because he is afraid of heights. I just begged him that we must tried the adventure while we are there. The waves of the air made us dance at the center ..But the feeling is great.

Until Next Time.. ^_^


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