First Homemade Bibimbap

Taken April 11, 2015

I really love Korean foods right now especilly Korean Dolsot Bibimbap. I was eager to learn how to made this one so I can made it on my own. I just visit some sites, watching youtube tutorials and etc. I am happy the results coz my family love it so much. ^_^

Here, I bought all the Korean ingredients to make my own bibimbap. I am happy that I already bought this ingredients. It's not difficult to find store here because there are lots of Korean store here everywhere.  ^_^

I bought vegetables and prepare it myself. Really happy that on my first try the taste is so good. Now, I did a little experiment so that the taste are truly amazing. Not just bibimbap but I will try to study more about cooking. I just love cooking right now. jejeje ^_^


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