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 I love books coz learning is forever. I just love books but sometimes I am lazy reading. When bored some strikes me. But really I love books like quotations,poems, literature, arts and history. The ink is really amazing because the books written or print in ink still in generations to generations that can never be erased. I wonder why I love this old stuff. Is it because I was reincarnated? ajajaj.... ^_^ Sometimes after reading history books I watched if there is series of that books of historical characters. I just love the way they lived before not included the beheading of human. ejejej.. I don't like that scary thing to be in my generation now. 

I have lots of ebook in my cellphone but I haven't finish reading all of it. ajajaja..Just a compilations of nice story but I will read this after watching all the series and anime that I have in my pc and external drive. After watching all of my movies and series my project is to read many books as I can. jejej ^_^

God Bless To My Project ^_^


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