My Silver Day

My happy 25th Silver Day. I didn't not expect that my family would surprised me. My King made this tarpaulin for me as my family told him to made it for me. I felt that my family really loves me so much and I love them also.

They bought a cake for me and it was so delicious. Yummyyy...I felt so old but age becomes mortal for me. A birthday is gift to be celebrate.. Thanks to my family. ^_^

Yellow Cab, a pizza that my king bought. My family love this pizza because they can ate this more often. ejejej..Thanks my King ..

Wowwww...a big lechon for me. This is it. I really didn't expected also to have this lechon. I just thought having a simple dinner with my family. But they really made my day so happy. I just love lechon and the foods that they prepared. Thankful to my relatives,churchmates and neighbors who made my day happy. I am thankful for having a loving family. I am also thankful to God for having me this Blessings.

Happy Birthday To Me.. ^_^


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