Monthsary Date At TGIF

May 28, 2015

Taken May 26, 2015

A happy moment together on our day. I noticed that our face are getting circle everyday. ajaja..^_^ I want our every monthsary to be celebrated outside the house even though we don't have gifts for each other. It just a matter of understanding that sometimes communication is greater than gifts. We went a couple of times at abreeza mall and we just pass by the TGIF resto. I was just thinking that someday I will try to eat in that resto together with my family and my King. Then just last Tuesday I decided that we celebarate our monthsary at TGIF. I was just skeptical since the foods are very expensive. But then we continue to eat there and we ordered baby back ribs and two special burgers. All the foods that we ate worth 2,331.07 pesos. However the price is worth it since the foods are very delicious.  ^_^

This are the gifts that I received from my king. I don't have a gifts for him but I promise that I will give a gift for his coming birthday. For more than 5 years of being together my King really knows me better than anyone else except my family.ajaja.. I am very much happy to received a book with a great author since Jude Deveraux is one of the best authors in New York Times. I do have a lots of Jude Deveraux ebooks and other novels with great authors in my mobile for me to read. And also useful flashdrive for saving movies without worrying if someone accidentally delete all my movies, unlike my external where all files are very important. ejejeje


As I waited my king to come at abreeza mall. I went to National Bookstore to buy this grammar book. This is the only remaining grammar book in this edition. I want to have new one which the books is sealed on a cover but when the salesladay checked their inventory system, its the only remaining grammar book. I bought it briskly hence the book is very useful and I knew that I will regret if I hadn't buy this grammar book. The kind of paper used in the book are very neat and smooth, also the words written in the books are simple and understandable for a beginner like me. So I grabbed the opportunity to buy this grammar book considering that is handy. I do have a lots english grammar apps installed in my mobile but still I prefer using books for my collections. Writing is not easy this is why I am so desperate to learn since I have many flaws when it comes to writing.


Alone For The First Time

May 21, 2015

May 21, 2015


Finally I saw the most awaited romance movie The Age Of Adeline. I watched the movie alone for the first time and the experience is unforgettable. I bought one ticket only for me and it was in cinema 8 red carpet. Feeling at home while watching the movie were the cushion is very soft just like a bed. Before the movie start I did some errands since I have an hour left, so I bought some personal hygiene things at watsons gmall. Then I ate alone at kfc ground floor inside the mall. After eating I went inside the national bookstore and bought this handy webster dictionary. ^_^

For me The Age Of Adeline was amazing since the movie tells about love,passion and life. For me it's not boring because I put myself in Adelines life. I tried to understand being like her and I can felt the pain that is hurting her so much. If it's happen to me, I will do the same thing as she did. The scars in our body tells about the history of our existence, because being immortal is a very tedious thing to happen in human life and it will put life into chaos. It will always be a hide and seek since you don't belong in one place and being afraid that your existence will discovered. Photographs are also a part of our history since it is a visual of being alive in this beautiful world. Now, I do realized that truly life is a gift and getting old is also a gift from God.


My Memoirs Of Being A Child

I really miss those days when I only think about is playing. No worries about works, life and future. Maybe this is why I am a little bit boyish since many of my childhood friends are boys, we are just four girls in the group. Sometimes I sneaked out at the back of our house when my parents are asleep, then meet up with my childhood friends outside the house. As I remember I did all these games like patintero, tumbang preso, luksong kalabaw, luksong tinik, piko, bulan2x, holen, listiko, jack n poy, teks, palosebo, taguan, ten twenty, luthang, shatong, chinese garter, terable, stilt race, kites and many more. Most of it are pinoy games and I did enjoy it all. Before I did also slides in dried canals using palwa or a coconut stem, swimming at the lakes where there is a carabao swimming also at the other side.ajajja.. I did wonder if the carabao poo there in the lake water, how disgusting..ajaja, but it didn't matter to us since we didn't care our beauty in those times. I also did climbing trees like sampalok, coconut, buongon, santol etc. and I am really good at climbing. I also played in the rice field where there are bunch of (uhot) then we played wrestle together with my friends in there. At night my skin is very itchy because of uhot or the leaves of the rice stem. I also remember that my childhood friends and I are collecting tadpoles when the harvesting of rice are finished.  In those days I can also stand in balance using a bamboo stilt or a coco shell. I don't know if I can still manage to balance it right now in bamboo stilt since it's a decade already the last time I used it. 

There are lots of games before but I also like luthang or bamboo gun where you put a wet paper inside the small holes or put a papaya and coconut as a bullet. The memories there when all the children from the whole barrio in my place decided to play luthang, so all the girls including me stayed at a small cabin where all the boys will get there wet papers bullet and the war game was really exciting and amazing where all the children in my our barrio are united in one game.

There is a scary and a funny moment happened to me as a child. I do love riding on a bicycle and sometimes doing some exhibition, but I'm not afraid if I fall. However there is one time when my childhood friend ask for some competition and we should start at the bridge in our  barrio. I used the old bicycle from my father and the old bicycle doesn't have a break. Hence, I said yes then we start but as we start going down to the pathway, there is a carabao cross the way going to the other side. I didn't knew what to do but I keep on stepping the wheels of my bicycle so that it would stop. But then it never stop because I am from the top going down to the pathway and my run is so fast. I just closed my eyes and I let myself accepting the fact that the carabao and me will collide. When I opened my eyes the carabao is already at the side of the way then I was relieved. ajajaj.I was just very scared that time because I just took the bicycle without permission from my father. ajajaj

I also remember a funny moment that I will never forget, is the time when I made my own kite and flew it to the sky. There is a rice field at back of our house so we can use it for flying our kites. I am so happy that the kite I made flew very high, I let all the thread that coil in my cans then suddenly the thread is cut off and my kite flew towards madre cacao trees. Worried to much that my kite is lost so I run towards the madre cacao where my kite is at the top of that tree. I decided to climb since I am good at climbing, but the stem of the tree where I stepped on was cut off, so I held the other branches of the tree but is also cut off then I only closed my eyes and feel the air. I feel down to the bunch of pig poops where I landed because the drainage of our captain piggery is in the rice field. ajaja..In the end I didn't got back my kite so I decide to went home I smells so bad. When I got home my mother scolded me because I smells pig poop and filthy, so I just took a cold bath in that afternoon. ajajaja ^_^ it was really a funny memories of mine that I still treasure.

Since I was a child I maybe strong because I can managed to beat my all my childhood boy friends in boxing. Some of the boys I made them cried then I did report it to my parents on how happy I am to beat my friends in boxing. ajajaja..Now I knew that I can fight using fist but not through emotions because I easily cried. I am a cry baby so much to left alone in my room shut the door and cried silently.

All of them are parts of my childhood memories and I enjoyed reminiscing the past. If I were given a chance I still wanna go back in those time. Some of my friends are now married and others are in other countries. It just made me sad that we can't play together again since we are already grown up and already have different route of lives.  I need to prepare the battle of being a grown up and accept the fact that stress, trials, suffering are inevitable. Now I am thinking for my future, however my childhood memories are treasures that will be in my heart forever . ^_^

I Found My Life On Twitter

May 19, 2015

I have my own twitter since May 9, 2011, but I only used it sometimes if I  just remember. Then I realize that twitter is a good place where I can shout out my emotion for only having few friends in there, not like on my other social media where I do have a lots of friends that will react on my negative post about my love life.jejeje ^_^.. Before I did a lot of negatives post when I felt so lonely and angry for not having a person to talk to about my problems, except with my family but they are far from me. So I wrote all my negative feelings into my post about that person. But then, they are a lot of negative comments and it increases my angry towards other people then create into fighting through exchanging messages. After a quiet sometime, I realize that it's not really good to post someones fault into social media where everybody can read it. Thus, I decided to quit posting negative post into my social media. It was so long ago since the last time I post my indignant towards other person. But recently I post again on my social media account about my infuriated and I didn't control my temper again, then it leads to more hurtful feelings in my heart where I can felt difficulties in breathing. Afterwards when my anger is slowly gone and I realize again that its not good. Then, I remember a quote that I wrote before says "As time pass by, the reasons for your anger will fade. But the things you did will stay with you forever as regrets." It keeps in my mind and asking myself why did I post that? What could be my friends and relatives thinking about me and towards the person I mean in my negative post? I keep realizing that, so I decided to use again my twitter as my default social media for my every post and pictures. It's not only about negative posts but sometimes I felt jealous towards my other friends, seeing their photos in different beautiful places with lots of nice scenery and how happy they are for having a lot of free time. I also do have a lot of free time but I choose to be alone with my babies, my laptop, anime, movies, and books. I can now say that I am really an Otaku Girl always being alone in my own world. ^_^

For now, I am very much happy and feel my life again, I can tweet and tweets for unlimited without thinking negatives thoughts about my post, and not seeing my friends photos in different places, because I only have few friends in twitter and some of them are strangers. ajajaja.. I think this is the right social media for me. I am just very sensitive for comments and jealous from my previous social media but now I feel so free and lenient. I am focusing on my blogs and twitter now though I still have my instagram I will be still using it. I did want to deactivate my instagram but just to find out that there is no deactivate, only totally delete button so I choose for deleting my instagram since all my pictures in there are on the exact date for reminisce. Now, I only have few social media accounts to maintain  not like before so many social media that makes me very very exhausted. For now, I only have my Google + of course because I'm using my gmail for logging in though my blogspot, then instagram and twitter. ajaja.. Feeling so much at ease and free for a few social media to maintain..ejeje ^_^

Reu Otaku Girl ^_^

The Feelings Of Being Left Behind

May 18, 2015

Expectations leads to disappointment. The feelings of expecting something wonderful to happen but turns out something you never expected. I don't know what to do about this feeling of being left alone and felt hatred towards other people. I know God and hatred towards people is not something good to make God happy. But what could I do now, this feeling won't go away. Even now, my heart is not at ease and still pounding faster and sometimes makes me difficult to breathe. I already knew that I easily trust people but please don't make me foolish again. I am just a merciful person and sometimes it leads me to get dumb. My hands is freezing and my thoughts are not organize. Thinking that those people made laugh about me. They enjoyed the night and me being left behind. How could he do this to me? I am just a loner person, always with my own world. I can only go outside in my world if I am with him, but he left me behind only thinking about himself. I am considerate to him but his not humane to me. I did understand him in every situation but what did he do? His just being selfish not thinking what could be my feelings leaving me alone. For now, I will let my heart feel the pains until the pain no more. However, this feeling is unforgettable and it will remains a deepest scars in my heart. 

I am thankful that I am a person who knows God, because if I am not, that person would be pitiful with my revenge. Revenge is not good for a Christian like me, thus, I am still considerate towards him and them. Lord Guide my emotions and help me move on with it. I am counting on you with this emotions and asking for knowledge and wisdom. Please let my heart be heal.

This is the history that my endearment name to him (My King, Kingkong) is no more. He can't hear me calling this name again because of what happened last (May, 16, 2015). They said that promises are meant to be broken, but its not applicable on me, because, I always keep my promises and now I promise to call him King or Kin2x to be remembered.


Almost Thrown Away

May 15, 2015

"A book without meaning is nothing". It's really true because reading books without a thought is meaningless. Also "never judge a book by it's cover". Be thankful that books from the past is still in present. There are so many genius authors and writers in the past. I can never imagine how did the authors before compile lots of words and made a Webster Dictionary. In today's generation, this is a very important book because we seek in the dictionary if we encounter unfamiliar words. We just only search the words and the meaning is already there. I knew that we have gadgets where dictionary apps are already installed in today's era, however the feeling of having a real book where you turn pages, and feel the papers with your own hand is very different.

Just yesterday, my King said that he wants to convey me with his multicab in my workplace and wants us to eat together for breakfast. When I opened his multicab, I saw this webster dictionary, then I hugged the book with joyfulness, ejeje 0_0..maybe it's because I want to have a big dictionary and my prayer is granted. I asked him who put the dictionary in his multicab and he said he doesn't know. Someone put it there and his thinking maybe one of his siblings who secure the dictionary that almost to be thrown away by their neighbors. I said to my King that I want to keep the dictionary even its already old. He said that his not sure if I can keep the dictionary because he doesn't know who put it in his multicab. I said that if the person who secure the book really wants to keep it, then maybe he just took it already and keep it somewhere in the house, but they did not. So I just told my King that after we eat, I want him to secure the book and keep it for me.

Dinner time when my King wants us to eat bibimbap together with his friends. When I opened the door of his multicab, I saw again this dictionary and told my King, I thought you already keep it? he said that you can't keep it because its not mine. Then I really insist that this dictionary will be mine because nobody is looking for it. But if the person who put it in the multicab will be look for it, then I will give the dictionary to that person. After we ate dinner I brought it and hugged the dictionary, I already assumed that its mine while watching Doraemon and Shin Chan in english dubbed. My King just only smiled at me. ejejej ^_^  Then I took some picture of the webster dictionary and happy with it.

Look at that, only some parts of the books are torn apart but the webster dictionary is still durable and still very useful. I really love the old paper where the books are written in the old age. It's because the papers before are not frugal not like the papers this time that are so thin and easy to be rip. I really love to keep those books that are written in thick and brownish paper, because it's very oldies when you look at the book and it's very durable. I am just thinking that I was born in Charles Dickens time and I was just reincarnated from today's era. I do really love oldies type of genre in different ways. Just a thought of mine makes me senility. ajajaja..^_^


My Favorite Korean Bibimbap

May 13, 2015

Filipino nowadays are influenced by Koreans with their movies, Korean dramas or even listening to their musics. I found their stories very unique and conservative. Even their foods will never lost in line.

This is my favorite Korean food called (Bibimbap). I found this food very healthy and delicious. I don't know why but I really keep on coming to Master Bong Korean Chicken Restaurant inside Times Square Duterte Street Davao City. I am just a walk in when I enter at Time square and saw this affordable Korean restaurant. I've been to different Korean restaurant in the city but they are all expensive. I decided try to eat in that restaurant because its very affordable and discover that their foods are very delicious. Until I brought my King to eat with me in the restaurant, I let him try all the other foods like tapa, their chicken wings but I only eat bibimbap. ejejej.. I actually get some of my kings plate for me to taste. 

Why I love their bibimbap? Is it because they cook it in Dolsot and the sauce is really made in Korean style. They will serve it to you very hot and not cold unlike other Korean restaurant that I've been before. Kimchi is one of my King favorite side dish in master bong because it is made with fresh vegetables. I heard that there are newly opened Korean restaurant in the city so I decided that my King and I must try to eat their bibimbap and other foods even its very expensive. When we tried their Bibimbap, the taste is not good even my Kings don't like it either. My King is a very picky food eater so we agreed with each other. Before, I just told him that we must try to eat other Korean restaurant for us to know if we like the foods, but if we don't like the taste, we will adhere to the Korean restaurant that we like where the foods are very delicious and affordable.

Now, every weekdays I never failed to eat bibimbap for dinner in Master Bong. I now knew the name of the owner and recently her husband. They are really kind people. When I ate dinner there, the owner will cook my favorite bibimbap for me, not just for me and also to other customers.. ejeje...This is also why I keep on coming at Master Bong because of their hospitality.

Bibimbap Prices:

Chicken Bibimbap : 99 pesos
Pork Bibimbap : 99 pesos
Beef Bibimbap : 109 pesos
Seafood Bibimbap : 119 pesos - my favorite among all of them. ejeje ^_^

Ohhh see... ^_^ their bibimbap is really affordable in your pocket. I only memorized bibimbap prices since it is my very favorite Korean food. I never been to Korea but someday we will be going there together with my King and hoping also to be with my family in Korea. ^_^ Saranghae...

Here we are, valid customers..ejeje..we are not ready when the owner took picture on us. As you can see we are just wearing house clothes. ajaja...But its okey as long as I ate their delicious bibimbap. This is very true, you will never regrets when you try their bibimbap and their other foods. However, I know that people have different kinds of taste but for me I love the taste in Master Bong Korean Chicken. You can never find a restaurant with affordable prices and delicious foods in Davao City. So, Grab a bite and try it now. ejeje ^_^


Master Bong Korean Chicken Restaurant -

inside Times Square Duterte Street Davao City.

4th Floor GMall of Davao

Davao City, Philippines

Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Reu - the bibimbap girl..ejeje ^_^


Mothers Day 2015

May 10, 2015

Three woman of my life represents the generations of our family. I am very much thankful to God for having this mothers who taught us to be a God fearing. Since I was a child, I can felt the love and care they show to us. This is why our bonding cannot be broken with any obstacles for having God in our side. A mother can do almost everything, and sometimes forgetting herself just for their family. ajajaja..really ..really..I had difficulties what to write about being a mother, since I am not a yet mother.. jejeje ^_^..But what I can say is, I am thankful that I have these girls to talk to when I am down, sharing my happiness and tears. I can show my true self to them without hesitations as best of friends. Whatever happens to me, I will still be back to my family. Though my father is not already here with us, but still I am thankful that we are already adult when he leave us, so our mother will not be worried much more in times of sorrows.

Thank you Lord for having this loving and God fearing family. I will really stand for them even if it cost my life. As what the saying says "Blood is thicker than waters."

Happy mothers day..^_^


Ways To Improve My English

Just recently, I found writing  very interesting. I want to play words with my own and use it easily like the mother tongue I knew. I do have this workmate that I am really looking up to. She is very intelligent and smart; reading her blogs is quite amusing on how she organised those words into something. There are lots of words that I’m not familiar with, but I’m trying to familiarized it. Now, I don’t edit my previous blog post for me to know how far did I improve for using all of these methods. I am not still good on how to write or organising my thoughts, but I am eager to learn, to improve myself and open for correction.

 I found this very helpful for me and hope it will help you too.
  1. Grammar – learning grammar is very useful in making a good structure in a language and in your sentence. Why you need to learn grammar first? Because onwards, when you are listening and reading, you will notice on how the books or novels are written grammatically correct.
  2. Listening – When you heard unfamiliar words just try to remember it and search for its meaning. Just like what I did, while riding on a jeep and heard two people talking using English language. I heard unfamiliar words then I searched the meaning of it through my dictionary apps on my cellphone and on my laptop. 
  3. Reading – Reading English Bible, Bible Stories, Novels, English Literature's and other materials that will help you for improving yourself. When you are reading you will encounter lots of unfamiliar words. Just try to remember and write it down. 
  4. Comprehension – This is very important thing when you want to be good in English, because you can’t achieve something if you don’t understand on what you are learning. 
  5. Application – What you have learned in all those methods and your  efforts try to apply it by which all means. Then practice and practice until you are satisfied of what you achieve.

Tips and advises:

-Try to watch English movies then  listen and be cautious to it.
-Try to watch Korean Dramas and other foreign movies then read English subtitle.
-Try to watch Anime with English Dub if you want proper pronunciations and diction's.
-Try to write down all the unfamiliar word that you heard and read. Just always bring your notes with you, but if you forget to bring your notes, be resourceful and use your common sense.

Note: Don’t do things as obligatory but do it with a happy feelings. Remember not to force yourself, because forcing yourself will make you bored and tired.  


How I got My Laptop

Finding a jobs where you feel comfortable is very difficult to find. Before I had a lots of home based jobs, thankful for my Kings friend who introduced me to this kind of job. I had these animoto video creator,SEO, magic submitter and many more home base jobs. Sometimes I felt so bored working alone at home where you don’t have no one to talk. So getting back to my story how I got my’s a very quiet interesting because my King told me that I was like a scammer. Ajajaja..^_^ ..I had this client who told me that she was very ill and couldn’t make to work vigorously. She told me she needs my help looking for goods in the amazon for her personal clients, so I said to myself its very an easy jobs. I did all the task she asked for me and the salary is good, until she told me that she wants me to send money to her clients through western union using my own paypal and eon accounts, so every time I send money to her clients from different parts of the world I got 10% out of it. It was really an easy job for me but sometimes I get scared to withdraw a big amounts in my eon accounts like more than 100k almost every week. Then one time, someone filed a dispute and message me in my paypal accounts. She told me that the vacation house in Barcelona that my client told me was not there,they’re looking everywhere in that area but they never found the vacation house. So I replied to her that I already withdrawn the 40k pesos that she sent to me for down payment in that vacation house , and she replied that she wants her money back. So I tried   rescuing her money from my bank account in eon, but eon only allow 20k per day. I sent her the 20 k and I said that I will send the remaining amount tomorrow. But when I opened my paypals account I coulnd’t make it through because paypals blocked my account. So I have 20k in my eon bank account ajajaj..then I withdraw it and put in my others bank account. I felt scared about it because my King told me what if my client is a scammer or a syndicate and just using me as a middleman for their bad motives. I really felt numbness and my heart is like coming out from its position. Still, I am thinking on my positive thoughts what if my client is a very rich woman ,and found me very kind to her and can only rely on me, then if she dies she will give her fortune to me, living nothing for her family because what my client said that she is alone and don’t have family anymore. I never thought of her as a scammer,what I thought of her as a pitiful woman for not having a family to rely on. But then, I preferred to listen to my Kings advise. I never replied my client anymore. After all that happened I am thinking of what to do about the money, so I thought of something useful and never to waste the money that is on me.  Before I used Kings laptop for my home base jobs but I am thinking what if we will break up and I don’t have my own laptop, what will I use to continue my home base jobs? so what I did is withdrawn the money and bought my own laptop, then I paid the remaining balance from the salary I got on my home base jobs for just 3 months with zero interest. I am very happy for having my own laptop right now,am  still using it because its my bread and butter after all. What I learned from this experienced is not to ignore what other peoples advise and listen them if you know that its for your own good.

Tips and advises:

-Don’t put all your personal details in the internet.
-Don’t give your bank account details if someone ask you through emails.
-Don’t upload your scanned passport and other  important documents around the web.

Note: There are lot of scammers and hackers in the internet and might using your identity for their bad intentions. So avoid all these things for you to be safe in this very high technology era.


Being Thrifty

In times when you are in need of money, savings is a big help. It doesn't requires skills or talent but it requires focusing on something what you really want to achieve or things that you want to have. Back when I was in grade school, I really love saving money, whenever Christmas is coming I am so excited for family reunion. That time I have lots of money since my aunts and uncles giving money to their niece and nephews. For a child coins and hundred peso are a big amounts for buying lots of toys. Even when I am in high school I still saved money for me to have new clothes for school Christmas party. I have just 10 peso allowance in a day but still I managed to save money until Christmas. When I was in 4th year high school I bought 1100 nokia celphone using the money that I saved. I am very happy buying things with my own savings. College days are very tough experienced for me, it’s very difficult to budget 300 peso allowance in a week. It really requires a calculating mind because in 300 pesos foods,photo copies, internet for college papers are all included. I still remember I do have a book bank just like piggy bank and I put 5 or 10 peso everyday. I never thought that it grows into more than 800 pesos because I didn’t put 1 peso in my book bank, its just a pride of me. Ajaja.. But in just 1 day all my efforts for saving money is gone because someone stole my money and  left 110 pesos, but thanks to that, the person still had conscience. It really hurts me so much because someone stole money without thinking how much effort I put to it and controlling myself not to buy things that I want. I never put hatred into my heart and still I told myself hoping that the person who stole my money will use it for good. Some of my boardmates had big amounts for allowances in a week but still they borrowed money on me, because for them their allowances it still not enough. I just found them being so spend thrift for buying dresses,purse  and makeups. I am very envious on them for having big allowances, but what could I do only small amount of money my parents could offer to me. I never thought of that as a hindrance for my studies instead I made it as an inspiration because my parents are striving so hard for me to go in college. Sometimes my parents borrowed money from my relatives and I really appreciate that even my father St. Peter they use it for my studies. There are times that I only ate bananas worth 5 pesos in bankerohan and I ate it as a viand for the whole 1 week.  Then for nextweek (bagoong) for 1 week in a row. I had this boarmate told me that what nutrients could I get for eating bananas and bagoong, so what I did is eating in my room alone. When I was in my 3rd year college, my father’s one foot will be cut off because of diabetes and we need money, so my mother couldn’t give me money for paying tuition fee and allowances.  I used my savings for me to be enrolled in that semester. In my college days I never allowed myself to be tempted with something that can lost my focus on finishing my studies. I made it all as my inspiration all those hardships that I experienced and honoring my parents for their efforts. I am happy of what I am become right now, because having a degree holder is a very big achievement in ones life. No one can stole your efforts not like money, gadgets and luxury things can be stolen but not your achievements. When I got a home based job, I sent my brother to college paying his tuition fee, too bad he got married in his 3rd year in college and never continue his studies, but I do understand him, working in banana plantation and going to school is very difficult for him including unorganised  schedule in school.  For now, I am helping my sister who is now in her 2nd year college even she’s already married and had her child, still pursuing her studies for a brighter future. Also I paid 3 lots in palm haven for future purposes.

I adore my mother so much seeing her on how she save my fathers salary. As for my mother saving money is a great help when there are times that you are in financial needs. On the contrary, I knew how to control myself not to buy things that really not in need; because as what we had experience in the past, savings is very in need specially when you get sick. I don’t want to bother my families paying for my hospital bills and medicines. Even if someday that I die, my family will not be worried because I already have St. Peter for my coffin. Thankful for my King because he pays it for me and also his own St. Peter. Sometimes I also buy things for me to make me happy but not the extend that I will use all my savings for luxurious things. Just think and think for the future because we don’t know what lies ahead. I am thankful for all the Blessings that God has given to me. Remember to share Blessings. ^_^


1.5 kg + Milk Chocolates Made From Malaysia

May 6, 2015

Taken May 6, 2015

Whoaaa...a really delicious chocolates given by my only King. He really knows that I really love eating chocolates. I am thankful that I do not have tonsillitis unlike my King can only eat a little bite of chocolates. jajajaj... We chatted this afternoon and I said that I am bored doing the same routine everyday. I felt that I don't want to watch movie, Kdramas, anime and reading. I really felt the stressed and I felt so sick about it, but my friend suggested me to watch Kingsman so I watched it and I am happy because the movie is not boring. I ate a lot of foods this afternoon like junkfoods and two pieces of cloud 9 chocolates and still not enough. I told my King that I really want to eat  something sweets. He said that I should go home early and eat all the foods that he prepared for me. He sent me a picture through skype but I haven't received it and I don't know what it is. Maybe I have not received the file is it because we experienced a very slow internet connection. I am very excited to go home and eager of what foods he prepared for me. When it's time to go home I told my workmate that I will go home early and not to wait her. I walked very fast and rode a jeep. When I got home his workmates teased me that they already finish eating chocolates but I know that they are kidding. I am very famished to eat chocolates and I'm not disappointed. What he gave to me is a very huge chocolates. ajajaja.. ^_^. It's so sweet and very delicious. I don't know where he bought those chocolates but I am overwhelmed with gladness.ajaja. My King is afraid to buy me chocolates because his afraid if my hyper acidity will be back and his wallet will get sick. ajajaj.. Thank you my King you never fail to make me happy always. heart heart... ^_^


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