1.5 kg + Milk Chocolates Made From Malaysia

Taken May 6, 2015

Whoaaa...a really delicious chocolates given by my only King. He really knows that I really love eating chocolates. I am thankful that I do not have tonsillitis unlike my King can only eat a little bite of chocolates. jajajaj... We chatted this afternoon and I said that I am bored doing the same routine everyday. I felt that I don't want to watch movie, Kdramas, anime and reading. I really felt the stressed and I felt so sick about it, but my friend suggested me to watch Kingsman so I watched it and I am happy because the movie is not boring. I ate a lot of foods this afternoon like junkfoods and two pieces of cloud 9 chocolates and still not enough. I told my King that I really want to eat  something sweets. He said that I should go home early and eat all the foods that he prepared for me. He sent me a picture through skype but I haven't received it and I don't know what it is. Maybe I have not received the file is it because we experienced a very slow internet connection. I am very excited to go home and eager of what foods he prepared for me. When it's time to go home I told my workmate that I will go home early and not to wait her. I walked very fast and rode a jeep. When I got home his workmates teased me that they already finish eating chocolates but I know that they are kidding. I am very famished to eat chocolates and I'm not disappointed. What he gave to me is a very huge chocolates. ajajaja.. ^_^. It's so sweet and very delicious. I don't know where he bought those chocolates but I am overwhelmed with gladness.ajaja. My King is afraid to buy me chocolates because his afraid if my hyper acidity will be back and his wallet will get sick. ajajaj.. Thank you my King you never fail to make me happy always. heart heart... ^_^


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