Almost Thrown Away

"A book without meaning is nothing". It's really true because reading books without a thought is meaningless. Also "never judge a book by it's cover". Be thankful that books from the past is still in present. There are so many genius authors and writers in the past. I can never imagine how did the authors before compile lots of words and made a Webster Dictionary. In today's generation, this is a very important book because we seek in the dictionary if we encounter unfamiliar words. We just only search the words and the meaning is already there. I knew that we have gadgets where dictionary apps are already installed in today's era, however the feeling of having a real book where you turn pages, and feel the papers with your own hand is very different.

Just yesterday, my King said that he wants to convey me with his multicab in my workplace and wants us to eat together for breakfast. When I opened his multicab, I saw this webster dictionary, then I hugged the book with joyfulness, ejeje 0_0..maybe it's because I want to have a big dictionary and my prayer is granted. I asked him who put the dictionary in his multicab and he said he doesn't know. Someone put it there and his thinking maybe one of his siblings who secure the dictionary that almost to be thrown away by their neighbors. I said to my King that I want to keep the dictionary even its already old. He said that his not sure if I can keep the dictionary because he doesn't know who put it in his multicab. I said that if the person who secure the book really wants to keep it, then maybe he just took it already and keep it somewhere in the house, but they did not. So I just told my King that after we eat, I want him to secure the book and keep it for me.

Dinner time when my King wants us to eat bibimbap together with his friends. When I opened the door of his multicab, I saw again this dictionary and told my King, I thought you already keep it? he said that you can't keep it because its not mine. Then I really insist that this dictionary will be mine because nobody is looking for it. But if the person who put it in the multicab will be look for it, then I will give the dictionary to that person. After we ate dinner I brought it and hugged the dictionary, I already assumed that its mine while watching Doraemon and Shin Chan in english dubbed. My King just only smiled at me. ejejej ^_^  Then I took some picture of the webster dictionary and happy with it.

Look at that, only some parts of the books are torn apart but the webster dictionary is still durable and still very useful. I really love the old paper where the books are written in the old age. It's because the papers before are not frugal not like the papers this time that are so thin and easy to be rip. I really love to keep those books that are written in thick and brownish paper, because it's very oldies when you look at the book and it's very durable. I am just thinking that I was born in Charles Dickens time and I was just reincarnated from today's era. I do really love oldies type of genre in different ways. Just a thought of mine makes me senility. ajajaja..^_^


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