Alone For The First Time

May 21, 2015


Finally I saw the most awaited romance movie The Age Of Adeline. I watched the movie alone for the first time and the experience is unforgettable. I bought one ticket only for me and it was in cinema 8 red carpet. Feeling at home while watching the movie were the cushion is very soft just like a bed. Before the movie start I did some errands since I have an hour left, so I bought some personal hygiene things at watsons gmall. Then I ate alone at kfc ground floor inside the mall. After eating I went inside the national bookstore and bought this handy webster dictionary. ^_^

For me The Age Of Adeline was amazing since the movie tells about love,passion and life. For me it's not boring because I put myself in Adelines life. I tried to understand being like her and I can felt the pain that is hurting her so much. If it's happen to me, I will do the same thing as she did. The scars in our body tells about the history of our existence, because being immortal is a very tedious thing to happen in human life and it will put life into chaos. It will always be a hide and seek since you don't belong in one place and being afraid that your existence will discovered. Photographs are also a part of our history since it is a visual of being alive in this beautiful world. Now, I do realized that truly life is a gift and getting old is also a gift from God.


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