Being Thrifty

In times when you are in need of money, savings is a big help. It doesn't requires skills or talent but it requires focusing on something what you really want to achieve or things that you want to have. Back when I was in grade school, I really love saving money, whenever Christmas is coming I am so excited for family reunion. That time I have lots of money since my aunts and uncles giving money to their niece and nephews. For a child coins and hundred peso are a big amounts for buying lots of toys. Even when I am in high school I still saved money for me to have new clothes for school Christmas party. I have just 10 peso allowance in a day but still I managed to save money until Christmas. When I was in 4th year high school I bought 1100 nokia celphone using the money that I saved. I am very happy buying things with my own savings. College days are very tough experienced for me, it’s very difficult to budget 300 peso allowance in a week. It really requires a calculating mind because in 300 pesos foods,photo copies, internet for college papers are all included. I still remember I do have a book bank just like piggy bank and I put 5 or 10 peso everyday. I never thought that it grows into more than 800 pesos because I didn’t put 1 peso in my book bank, its just a pride of me. Ajaja.. But in just 1 day all my efforts for saving money is gone because someone stole my money and  left 110 pesos, but thanks to that, the person still had conscience. It really hurts me so much because someone stole money without thinking how much effort I put to it and controlling myself not to buy things that I want. I never put hatred into my heart and still I told myself hoping that the person who stole my money will use it for good. Some of my boardmates had big amounts for allowances in a week but still they borrowed money on me, because for them their allowances it still not enough. I just found them being so spend thrift for buying dresses,purse  and makeups. I am very envious on them for having big allowances, but what could I do only small amount of money my parents could offer to me. I never thought of that as a hindrance for my studies instead I made it as an inspiration because my parents are striving so hard for me to go in college. Sometimes my parents borrowed money from my relatives and I really appreciate that even my father St. Peter they use it for my studies. There are times that I only ate bananas worth 5 pesos in bankerohan and I ate it as a viand for the whole 1 week.  Then for nextweek (bagoong) for 1 week in a row. I had this boarmate told me that what nutrients could I get for eating bananas and bagoong, so what I did is eating in my room alone. When I was in my 3rd year college, my father’s one foot will be cut off because of diabetes and we need money, so my mother couldn’t give me money for paying tuition fee and allowances.  I used my savings for me to be enrolled in that semester. In my college days I never allowed myself to be tempted with something that can lost my focus on finishing my studies. I made it all as my inspiration all those hardships that I experienced and honoring my parents for their efforts. I am happy of what I am become right now, because having a degree holder is a very big achievement in ones life. No one can stole your efforts not like money, gadgets and luxury things can be stolen but not your achievements. When I got a home based job, I sent my brother to college paying his tuition fee, too bad he got married in his 3rd year in college and never continue his studies, but I do understand him, working in banana plantation and going to school is very difficult for him including unorganised  schedule in school.  For now, I am helping my sister who is now in her 2nd year college even she’s already married and had her child, still pursuing her studies for a brighter future. Also I paid 3 lots in palm haven for future purposes.

I adore my mother so much seeing her on how she save my fathers salary. As for my mother saving money is a great help when there are times that you are in financial needs. On the contrary, I knew how to control myself not to buy things that really not in need; because as what we had experience in the past, savings is very in need specially when you get sick. I don’t want to bother my families paying for my hospital bills and medicines. Even if someday that I die, my family will not be worried because I already have St. Peter for my coffin. Thankful for my King because he pays it for me and also his own St. Peter. Sometimes I also buy things for me to make me happy but not the extend that I will use all my savings for luxurious things. Just think and think for the future because we don’t know what lies ahead. I am thankful for all the Blessings that God has given to me. Remember to share Blessings. ^_^


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