How I got My Laptop

Finding a jobs where you feel comfortable is very difficult to find. Before I had a lots of home based jobs, thankful for my Kings friend who introduced me to this kind of job. I had these animoto video creator,SEO, magic submitter and many more home base jobs. Sometimes I felt so bored working alone at home where you don’t have no one to talk. So getting back to my story how I got my’s a very quiet interesting because my King told me that I was like a scammer. Ajajaja..^_^ ..I had this client who told me that she was very ill and couldn’t make to work vigorously. She told me she needs my help looking for goods in the amazon for her personal clients, so I said to myself its very an easy jobs. I did all the task she asked for me and the salary is good, until she told me that she wants me to send money to her clients through western union using my own paypal and eon accounts, so every time I send money to her clients from different parts of the world I got 10% out of it. It was really an easy job for me but sometimes I get scared to withdraw a big amounts in my eon accounts like more than 100k almost every week. Then one time, someone filed a dispute and message me in my paypal accounts. She told me that the vacation house in Barcelona that my client told me was not there,they’re looking everywhere in that area but they never found the vacation house. So I replied to her that I already withdrawn the 40k pesos that she sent to me for down payment in that vacation house , and she replied that she wants her money back. So I tried   rescuing her money from my bank account in eon, but eon only allow 20k per day. I sent her the 20 k and I said that I will send the remaining amount tomorrow. But when I opened my paypals account I coulnd’t make it through because paypals blocked my account. So I have 20k in my eon bank account ajajaj..then I withdraw it and put in my others bank account. I felt scared about it because my King told me what if my client is a scammer or a syndicate and just using me as a middleman for their bad motives. I really felt numbness and my heart is like coming out from its position. Still, I am thinking on my positive thoughts what if my client is a very rich woman ,and found me very kind to her and can only rely on me, then if she dies she will give her fortune to me, living nothing for her family because what my client said that she is alone and don’t have family anymore. I never thought of her as a scammer,what I thought of her as a pitiful woman for not having a family to rely on. But then, I preferred to listen to my Kings advise. I never replied my client anymore. After all that happened I am thinking of what to do about the money, so I thought of something useful and never to waste the money that is on me.  Before I used Kings laptop for my home base jobs but I am thinking what if we will break up and I don’t have my own laptop, what will I use to continue my home base jobs? so what I did is withdrawn the money and bought my own laptop, then I paid the remaining balance from the salary I got on my home base jobs for just 3 months with zero interest. I am very happy for having my own laptop right now,am  still using it because its my bread and butter after all. What I learned from this experienced is not to ignore what other peoples advise and listen them if you know that its for your own good.

Tips and advises:

-Don’t put all your personal details in the internet.
-Don’t give your bank account details if someone ask you through emails.
-Don’t upload your scanned passport and other  important documents around the web.

Note: There are lot of scammers and hackers in the internet and might using your identity for their bad intentions. So avoid all these things for you to be safe in this very high technology era.


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