I Found My Life On Twitter

I have my own twitter since May 9, 2011, but I only used it sometimes if I  just remember. Then I realize that twitter is a good place where I can shout out my emotion for only having few friends in there, not like on my other social media where I do have a lots of friends that will react on my negative post about my love life.jejeje ^_^.. Before I did a lot of negatives post when I felt so lonely and angry for not having a person to talk to about my problems, except with my family but they are far from me. So I wrote all my negative feelings into my post about that person. But then, they are a lot of negative comments and it increases my angry towards other people then create into fighting through exchanging messages. After a quiet sometime, I realize that it's not really good to post someones fault into social media where everybody can read it. Thus, I decided to quit posting negative post into my social media. It was so long ago since the last time I post my indignant towards other person. But recently I post again on my social media account about my infuriated and I didn't control my temper again, then it leads to more hurtful feelings in my heart where I can felt difficulties in breathing. Afterwards when my anger is slowly gone and I realize again that its not good. Then, I remember a quote that I wrote before says "As time pass by, the reasons for your anger will fade. But the things you did will stay with you forever as regrets." It keeps in my mind and asking myself why did I post that? What could be my friends and relatives thinking about me and towards the person I mean in my negative post? I keep realizing that, so I decided to use again my twitter as my default social media for my every post and pictures. It's not only about negative posts but sometimes I felt jealous towards my other friends, seeing their photos in different beautiful places with lots of nice scenery and how happy they are for having a lot of free time. I also do have a lot of free time but I choose to be alone with my babies, my laptop, anime, movies, and books. I can now say that I am really an Otaku Girl always being alone in my own world. ^_^

For now, I am very much happy and feel my life again, I can tweet and tweets for unlimited without thinking negatives thoughts about my post, and not seeing my friends photos in different places, because I only have few friends in twitter and some of them are strangers. ajajaja.. I think this is the right social media for me. I am just very sensitive for comments and jealous from my previous social media but now I feel so free and lenient. I am focusing on my blogs and twitter now though I still have my instagram I will be still using it. I did want to deactivate my instagram but just to find out that there is no deactivate, only totally delete button so I choose for deleting my instagram since all my pictures in there are on the exact date for reminisce. Now, I only have few social media accounts to maintain  not like before so many social media that makes me very very exhausted. For now, I only have my Google + of course because I'm using my gmail for logging in though my blogspot, then instagram and twitter. ajaja.. Feeling so much at ease and free for a few social media to maintain..ejeje ^_^

Reu Otaku Girl ^_^

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