Monthsary Date At TGIF

Taken May 26, 2015

A happy moment together on our day. I noticed that our face are getting circle everyday. ajaja..^_^ I want our every monthsary to be celebrated outside the house even though we don't have gifts for each other. It just a matter of understanding that sometimes communication is greater than gifts. We went a couple of times at abreeza mall and we just pass by the TGIF resto. I was just thinking that someday I will try to eat in that resto together with my family and my King. Then just last Tuesday I decided that we celebarate our monthsary at TGIF. I was just skeptical since the foods are very expensive. But then we continue to eat there and we ordered baby back ribs and two special burgers. All the foods that we ate worth 2,331.07 pesos. However the price is worth it since the foods are very delicious.  ^_^

This are the gifts that I received from my king. I don't have a gifts for him but I promise that I will give a gift for his coming birthday. For more than 5 years of being together my King really knows me better than anyone else except my family.ajaja.. I am very much happy to received a book with a great author since Jude Deveraux is one of the best authors in New York Times. I do have a lots of Jude Deveraux ebooks and other novels with great authors in my mobile for me to read. And also useful flashdrive for saving movies without worrying if someone accidentally delete all my movies, unlike my external where all files are very important. ejejeje


As I waited my king to come at abreeza mall. I went to National Bookstore to buy this grammar book. This is the only remaining grammar book in this edition. I want to have new one which the books is sealed on a cover but when the salesladay checked their inventory system, its the only remaining grammar book. I bought it briskly hence the book is very useful and I knew that I will regret if I hadn't buy this grammar book. The kind of paper used in the book are very neat and smooth, also the words written in the books are simple and understandable for a beginner like me. So I grabbed the opportunity to buy this grammar book considering that is handy. I do have a lots english grammar apps installed in my mobile but still I prefer using books for my collections. Writing is not easy this is why I am so desperate to learn since I have many flaws when it comes to writing.


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