Mothers Day 2015

Three woman of my life represents the generations of our family. I am very much thankful to God for having this mothers who taught us to be a God fearing. Since I was a child, I can felt the love and care they show to us. This is why our bonding cannot be broken with any obstacles for having God in our side. A mother can do almost everything, and sometimes forgetting herself just for their family. ajajaja..really ..really..I had difficulties what to write about being a mother, since I am not a yet mother.. jejeje ^_^..But what I can say is, I am thankful that I have these girls to talk to when I am down, sharing my happiness and tears. I can show my true self to them without hesitations as best of friends. Whatever happens to me, I will still be back to my family. Though my father is not already here with us, but still I am thankful that we are already adult when he leave us, so our mother will not be worried much more in times of sorrows.

Thank you Lord for having this loving and God fearing family. I will really stand for them even if it cost my life. As what the saying says "Blood is thicker than waters."

Happy mothers day..^_^


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