My Favorite Korean Bibimbap

Filipino nowadays are influenced by Koreans with their movies, Korean dramas or even listening to their musics. I found their stories very unique and conservative. Even their foods will never lost in line.

This is my favorite Korean food called (Bibimbap). I found this food very healthy and delicious. I don't know why but I really keep on coming to Master Bong Korean Chicken Restaurant inside Times Square Duterte Street Davao City. I am just a walk in when I enter at Time square and saw this affordable Korean restaurant. I've been to different Korean restaurant in the city but they are all expensive. I decided try to eat in that restaurant because its very affordable and discover that their foods are very delicious. Until I brought my King to eat with me in the restaurant, I let him try all the other foods like tapa, their chicken wings but I only eat bibimbap. ejejej.. I actually get some of my kings plate for me to taste. 

Why I love their bibimbap? Is it because they cook it in Dolsot and the sauce is really made in Korean style. They will serve it to you very hot and not cold unlike other Korean restaurant that I've been before. Kimchi is one of my King favorite side dish in master bong because it is made with fresh vegetables. I heard that there are newly opened Korean restaurant in the city so I decided that my King and I must try to eat their bibimbap and other foods even its very expensive. When we tried their Bibimbap, the taste is not good even my Kings don't like it either. My King is a very picky food eater so we agreed with each other. Before, I just told him that we must try to eat other Korean restaurant for us to know if we like the foods, but if we don't like the taste, we will adhere to the Korean restaurant that we like where the foods are very delicious and affordable.

Now, every weekdays I never failed to eat bibimbap for dinner in Master Bong. I now knew the name of the owner and recently her husband. They are really kind people. When I ate dinner there, the owner will cook my favorite bibimbap for me, not just for me and also to other customers.. ejeje...This is also why I keep on coming at Master Bong because of their hospitality.

Bibimbap Prices:

Chicken Bibimbap : 99 pesos
Pork Bibimbap : 99 pesos
Beef Bibimbap : 109 pesos
Seafood Bibimbap : 119 pesos - my favorite among all of them. ejeje ^_^

Ohhh see... ^_^ their bibimbap is really affordable in your pocket. I only memorized bibimbap prices since it is my very favorite Korean food. I never been to Korea but someday we will be going there together with my King and hoping also to be with my family in Korea. ^_^ Saranghae...

Here we are, valid customers..ejeje..we are not ready when the owner took picture on us. As you can see we are just wearing house clothes. ajaja...But its okey as long as I ate their delicious bibimbap. This is very true, you will never regrets when you try their bibimbap and their other foods. However, I know that people have different kinds of taste but for me I love the taste in Master Bong Korean Chicken. You can never find a restaurant with affordable prices and delicious foods in Davao City. So, Grab a bite and try it now. ejeje ^_^


Master Bong Korean Chicken Restaurant -

inside Times Square Duterte Street Davao City.

4th Floor GMall of Davao

Davao City, Philippines

Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Reu - the bibimbap girl..ejeje ^_^


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