My Memoirs Of Being A Child

I really miss those days when I only think about is playing. No worries about works, life and future. Maybe this is why I am a little bit boyish since many of my childhood friends are boys, we are just four girls in the group. Sometimes I sneaked out at the back of our house when my parents are asleep, then meet up with my childhood friends outside the house. As I remember I did all these games like patintero, tumbang preso, luksong kalabaw, luksong tinik, piko, bulan2x, holen, listiko, jack n poy, teks, palosebo, taguan, ten twenty, luthang, shatong, chinese garter, terable, stilt race, kites and many more. Most of it are pinoy games and I did enjoy it all. Before I did also slides in dried canals using palwa or a coconut stem, swimming at the lakes where there is a carabao swimming also at the other side.ajajja.. I did wonder if the carabao poo there in the lake water, how disgusting..ajaja, but it didn't matter to us since we didn't care our beauty in those times. I also did climbing trees like sampalok, coconut, buongon, santol etc. and I am really good at climbing. I also played in the rice field where there are bunch of (uhot) then we played wrestle together with my friends in there. At night my skin is very itchy because of uhot or the leaves of the rice stem. I also remember that my childhood friends and I are collecting tadpoles when the harvesting of rice are finished.  In those days I can also stand in balance using a bamboo stilt or a coco shell. I don't know if I can still manage to balance it right now in bamboo stilt since it's a decade already the last time I used it. 

There are lots of games before but I also like luthang or bamboo gun where you put a wet paper inside the small holes or put a papaya and coconut as a bullet. The memories there when all the children from the whole barrio in my place decided to play luthang, so all the girls including me stayed at a small cabin where all the boys will get there wet papers bullet and the war game was really exciting and amazing where all the children in my our barrio are united in one game.

There is a scary and a funny moment happened to me as a child. I do love riding on a bicycle and sometimes doing some exhibition, but I'm not afraid if I fall. However there is one time when my childhood friend ask for some competition and we should start at the bridge in our  barrio. I used the old bicycle from my father and the old bicycle doesn't have a break. Hence, I said yes then we start but as we start going down to the pathway, there is a carabao cross the way going to the other side. I didn't knew what to do but I keep on stepping the wheels of my bicycle so that it would stop. But then it never stop because I am from the top going down to the pathway and my run is so fast. I just closed my eyes and I let myself accepting the fact that the carabao and me will collide. When I opened my eyes the carabao is already at the side of the way then I was relieved. ajajaj.I was just very scared that time because I just took the bicycle without permission from my father. ajajaj

I also remember a funny moment that I will never forget, is the time when I made my own kite and flew it to the sky. There is a rice field at back of our house so we can use it for flying our kites. I am so happy that the kite I made flew very high, I let all the thread that coil in my cans then suddenly the thread is cut off and my kite flew towards madre cacao trees. Worried to much that my kite is lost so I run towards the madre cacao where my kite is at the top of that tree. I decided to climb since I am good at climbing, but the stem of the tree where I stepped on was cut off, so I held the other branches of the tree but is also cut off then I only closed my eyes and feel the air. I feel down to the bunch of pig poops where I landed because the drainage of our captain piggery is in the rice field. ajaja..In the end I didn't got back my kite so I decide to went home I smells so bad. When I got home my mother scolded me because I smells pig poop and filthy, so I just took a cold bath in that afternoon. ajajaja ^_^ it was really a funny memories of mine that I still treasure.

Since I was a child I maybe strong because I can managed to beat my all my childhood boy friends in boxing. Some of the boys I made them cried then I did report it to my parents on how happy I am to beat my friends in boxing. ajajaja..Now I knew that I can fight using fist but not through emotions because I easily cried. I am a cry baby so much to left alone in my room shut the door and cried silently.

All of them are parts of my childhood memories and I enjoyed reminiscing the past. If I were given a chance I still wanna go back in those time. Some of my friends are now married and others are in other countries. It just made me sad that we can't play together again since we are already grown up and already have different route of lives.  I need to prepare the battle of being a grown up and accept the fact that stress, trials, suffering are inevitable. Now I am thinking for my future, however my childhood memories are treasures that will be in my heart forever . ^_^

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