Ways To Improve My English

Just recently, I found writing  very interesting. I want to play words with my own and use it easily like the mother tongue I knew. I do have this workmate that I am really looking up to. She is very intelligent and smart; reading her blogs is quite amusing on how she organised those words into something. There are lots of words that I’m not familiar with, but I’m trying to familiarized it. Now, I don’t edit my previous blog post for me to know how far did I improve for using all of these methods. I am not still good on how to write or organising my thoughts, but I am eager to learn, to improve myself and open for correction.

 I found this very helpful for me and hope it will help you too.
  1. Grammar – learning grammar is very useful in making a good structure in a language and in your sentence. Why you need to learn grammar first? Because onwards, when you are listening and reading, you will notice on how the books or novels are written grammatically correct.
  2. Listening – When you heard unfamiliar words just try to remember it and search for its meaning. Just like what I did, while riding on a jeep and heard two people talking using English language. I heard unfamiliar words then I searched the meaning of it through my dictionary apps on my cellphone and on my laptop. 
  3. Reading – Reading English Bible, Bible Stories, Novels, English Literature's and other materials that will help you for improving yourself. When you are reading you will encounter lots of unfamiliar words. Just try to remember and write it down. 
  4. Comprehension – This is very important thing when you want to be good in English, because you can’t achieve something if you don’t understand on what you are learning. 
  5. Application – What you have learned in all those methods and your  efforts try to apply it by which all means. Then practice and practice until you are satisfied of what you achieve.

Tips and advises:

-Try to watch English movies then  listen and be cautious to it.
-Try to watch Korean Dramas and other foreign movies then read English subtitle.
-Try to watch Anime with English Dub if you want proper pronunciations and diction's.
-Try to write down all the unfamiliar word that you heard and read. Just always bring your notes with you, but if you forget to bring your notes, be resourceful and use your common sense.

Note: Don’t do things as obligatory but do it with a happy feelings. Remember not to force yourself, because forcing yourself will make you bored and tired.  


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