HPO Summer Outing At Costa Marina Resort

June 21, 2015

Taken June 20, 2015

Finally, the summer outing was set last June 20, 2015. The said outing was postponed twice due to many consequences that employees cannot come to the previous set date. Perhaps because it was summer so many set date had been scheduled first before the company summer outing. Eventually, the outing was finally set but without the owner of the company. On the contrary, the outing was blissful and fun. There is no programs to be follow on that day, all we did was swimming and tour the facilities at Costa Marina Resort.

Here are some pictures of our summer outing: 

We waited here at the Costa Marina Terminal.

We just arrived at Costa Marina and took a picture before the entrance.

We took many pictures using my Gopro Hero 3+.

We really enjoyed taking photos and videos underwater. ^_^


We tour the whole facilities after taking our shower.



The HPO Family

Many of the employees didn't come to our summer outing. Some of them went home  to celebrate Father's day with their family. Even though we are not complete but still we are blissful, thus we had given a time to enjoy ourselves in the sea water and taking lots of pictures for memories. Also, there are many leftover foods and some of my colleagues brought the foods at home. Looking forward for the next fun and adventurous outing with the whole HPO family.


Dinner Date At Gangnam Korean Restaurant

June 17, 2015

Taken June 17, 2015

The other night, My king promise me that if he receive his salary he will take me to gangnam korean restaurant; and he really fulfilled his promise. We've been there at gangnam twice before and tonight so make it thrice. I am counting the times that we've been there, for me to try all the foods that suited on my taste. 

Side Dishes(Kimchi, eggplant salad,Bean sprout,potatoes and seaweed soup)

Omelet Rice
Korean Stew with Ham and Tofu Plus Rice

Mocha Frappe

I am the one who ate many of this foods since my king doesn't really like to eat korean foods. I am becoming more circle than he is, since I ate a lot so much as long as he can still bear from his pocket cash. ajaja ^_^

This is my best buddy in eating my king. Look at our face, its getting more circle just like siopao. ajaja ^_^.. But after we get married soon, I am planning to be more conscious on our diet, since our body is a source of everything. I am afraid that we will get sick left nothing on our future. However, someday I will be in charge of foods in the house when we have our own home with the kids. I am planning to cook more fish and vegetables that my Kings favorite (peace)...ajajaja especially Okra..ejeje ^_^. I knew a little about cooking but since there are lots of resources todays generation including books, youtube and other resourceful stuff, so it makes thing a little bit more easier. On the contrary, I am a fast learner so its not so big deal for me as long as I am interested. Just a little bit boost for myself. ajajaj ^_^


My King sent me a message on my skype for me to go home early. Because his team are planning to buy pizza for them to give prize for their hard works. Just a little pleasures to inspired to work more harder. I am a joiner on the team hence, they splash a little blessing for me that made me happy. You know, foods are my happiness. ajajaj ^_^

Thanks my King for letting me try all the foods that I am cravings. For all this time you are a good provider in a way that I can no longer ask anything from you. Because you've given me a lot of things, foods and everything that I never ask from you. You are such a good boyfriend and I can no longer ask anyone else. I love you sooo much my king...^_^


Late Summer Escapade 2015

June 7, 2015

Taken June 6-7, 2015

A last minute journey for summer. My king and I had plan to go at Seagull Mountain Resort by back packing through a bus. Then, just last friday night, his friend called him asking if my king can accompany him going to Cagayan because of some errand. Knowing to the fact that my kings multicab is not in good condition to travel and the path going to Seagull Mountain Resort was like a large intestine. Eventually we took the chance to accompany him so we can save money for our fare. The plan is after the errand in Cagayan was that we will go back to Seagull so we can have our summer vacation for just a day.

By 6:00 am in the morning we begun our journey. It took more than 16 hours of travel riding on Innova Car going to Cagayan then back to Seagull Resort. We came past 10:00pm at Seagull Resort and was so late for checking in, but it's okey since before we went to Cagayan we stop by at Seagull letting them know that we want to stay there for a night after our errand in Cagayan. Then the information desk officer gave us a phone number so that we can call someone to assist us if we can go back there. I am glad that I am not prone to motion sickness or vomit while on travel. Though it's really my first time going to a distant place by land. Yet, I am happy.

Here are some photos of our travel:

We stop by at Robinson Mall at CDO to grab a bite.

 A very delicious big lobster for our lunch. This is my first time to eat this kind of seafood and the feeling was like heaven even though it's very expensive but it's worth it.

Our photos at Seagull Mountain Resort. The place was cold at night and even in the morning.

A cab that the resort used for fetching and conveying the guest to a water falls.

This is the pool in Seagull Resort.



A very cold water falls. 


I took the chance to selfie this military wheels and with permission. 


Some taken photos that I love. ^_^

I wanna travel again with my family someday. If time will come that money is no longer my problem; I want to bring my whole family to all the places, and to all the restaurant that I had been. I let them try the foods that I ate just to make them happy. I am hoping that it will happen someday with the Lord guidance and blessings.


The History Of My Name

June 5, 2015

My given name was a gift from my parents that I will carrying for eternity. I should never cover it with unclean image that would lead to disappointments. When I was at my mother's womb. My grandparents thought that I was a boy, seeing that my mother are showing some appearances that she was carrying a baby boy. I was born on 1980's hence ultrasound is very expensive, they only trust their instinct for pregnant person. Their instinct led them to buy baby boy clothes so when I come out. Some of the clothes I wore are for baby boy. Perhaps, this is why I am being a a little bit boyish and a simple woman without art on my face.

My mother told me that the foods she was cravings are papaya, siopao and balut. Mother told me she doesn't like to eat balut. But when she was carrying me that time, my mother really love to eat balut. After giving birth to me; she doesn't want to eat balut again. Possibly, this is why I love to eat balut. Also I have a fair skin maybe because of siopao, a circle face, and a cry baby because of papaya.

Reu -  This name of my mine was given by my grandmother at mother side. Considering that my grandmother love reading Bibles. She took my name from the Bible that can be found in Genesis 11-21. 
The name Reu in the Bible:

(His friend or His Shepherd) is a son of Peleg the brother of Joktan; the two arch-fathers of the Shemite divide (Genesis 11:18). Reu's son is Serug, and his grandson is Nahor, the grandfather of Abraham. Reu is therefore also an ancestor of David and ultimately of Jesus Christ (Luke 3:35, curiously spelled Ραγαυ, Ragau), but also see the name Reuel, which in the Greek Septuagint appears as Ραγουηλ, Raguel.

Etymology of the name Reu:

Theological Dictionary reports that Reu is the name of an ancient god.

Salvy - This name of mine was also given by my grandparents at father side. At first,they thought that I was a boy, so my grandfather wants my name to be Salvador like his name. Carrying the blood of a first baby boy in my mother side. However, I was born a healthy baby girl. Instead of Salvador, they omitted some of the letters and Salvy was born.

At of this moment, I want my friends to call me re-u  sounds like my favorite anime instead of roo or salvy. But in my hometown people call me salvy,salv,sal or bing. I love my name so much, because it's a combination of unique letters and can be sounds like a name from Japanese, Korean and Mexican. The name Reu Salvy is really meant for me for having a one fourth blood from Filipino, Chinese and Mexican ancestry. Thus, there is no mexican feature that can be seen on my face only chinese features; but other people mistook me as Korean if I just only keep my mouth silent.

Thanks to my parents for giving me such a wonderful gift (my name) and specially to God the most high above all for letting me see the world through my parents.



Turtle Drawing By My King

June 3, 2015

This cute little turtle is me and was drawn by my king. I was watching movie that time when he draw this cute little turtle using his white illustration board. When he showed me his drawing, I took a picture using my mobile phone and used photogrid apps for the sea background, just like a real turtle at the sea. His drawing was so cute especially the eyes. I was really focus on the movie that I even not noticed that he already drawn me as a pawikan. So why did he draw me as pawikan? The whole details was already posted from my previous post.

Last night, I showed him my posted images of my drawings in my blog and his asking me if I still keep the pawikan that he drawn before. I said that I posted it on my twitter already. I was just smiling at him and told him that "do you want me to post the pawikan you drawn?" he was just smiling because he knows that I am right and I teased him for that. ajajaja...I am very much grateful towards him since he was the one who helped me redesigned my blog and even got sick for more than two days. For my gratitude to him I posted here this pawikan drawing.

My King is also a talented person since he also knew how to draw through visual and imagination just like me. He has an eye of an artist considering that for being a programmer he also knew how to design. A one of kind person who has multiple talents and gifts and that's My King ^_^.

Reu Inlove ^_^

My King MV Gift For Me

June 2, 2015

HAPPY 25th Birthday, Reu Salvy!

You deserve a happy day and what better day than your birthday? Celebrate like there is no tomorrow. I hope you get all that you desire on this year, you deserve all the happiness in the world. God bless you and I LOVE YOU Reu Ko!

This video was made by My King last year 2014. Thanks my king for making this cute video. I Love You Too...

Reu Inlove ^_^

MV Birthday Gift For My King

This is my surprise video gift for my king 27th Birthday last year 2014. I made this video so simple by reason that I made it through my animoto account. The jaded part in making this video is looking for nice photos from 2010-2014 that needed for the video and compiled it in one folder. Then I organized the pictures that matched up to my concept and chosen the right song. In spite of being tired, it doesn't matter considering that My King was happy while I showed him this video. I Love You My King no more years will be counted if we are together and a word forever. ejejej. heart heart heart... ^_^

Reu Inlove 

My Talent For Drawing

My King

 Hana Ko LunLun

These are some of my drawings when I was a little girl. I think the pencil shades was starting to efface since it was ages ago the last time I draw. When I was a child I really love to draw. Maybe, my talent passover unto me since my mother, father and uncle knew how to draw even my brother and sister. I draw many kinds of things including landscape in my hometown, person like my classmates in elementary, pictures in a books and many more. The wife of my pastor before asking me to draw something for Children BBS in church as materials. It was so long ago that I drawn those materials but the wife of my Pastor told me that she keep it and still using until now. Even my Lola always asking me to draw pictures from the Bible for her Sunday School Materials and she still keeping it until now. I am really flattered knowing that they still keep my drawings even though it's kinda old. Maybe my legacy? ejeje ^_^

Before, I also made paper dolls and dresses. Considering that I know how to draw paper dolls, many of classmates asking me to draw paper dolls for them. They will give me papers, banana cue or ginanggang and drinks in exchange for the papers dolls.ajajaj ^_^  . When I was in grade five, my teacher doesn't know who among of her pupils know how to draw but all of my classmates since we are together from kindergarten knew that I draw so they pointed me. That's the beginning that I always draw bigger pictures out of the book though blackboard. It's kinda exhausted because I draw in blackboard and in my notebook nonetheless I keep it hidden. However, when I was in grade six my teacher wants us to draw a Digestive system from the books in our drawing notebook. When my teacher was checking our drawings she noticed that my drawing was a copy cat from the book and told me that I traced my drawing and I said not. Then my classmates defended me and it was also the start that I draw again in blackboard but  am thankful that my grades in drawing are high. Then my teachers sent me to participates in a drawing competition.

I have an unforgettable moment that until now it's clear in my mind. Before I really love to draw and I used a lots of coupon bond papers. Then one time my mother scolded me because I didn't do nothing for the whole day even helping for household chores. I am always with my books, paper and pencil. When my mother scolded me I was badly hurt and I threw away all my drawing including my previous drawing outside in our house near the canal. I was just looking outside through window and crying while the rain keeps falling down and soak wet all my drawings. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. Even if does happened but still I keep my love on drawing.



It's been ages since the last time I draw and these are the new ones. I only saved some of my drawings when I was a child but it's only few. Now,  I never thought that still I can draw because lacks of free time and I have lots of priority.

I think there are two categories when it comes to drawing. Drawing through visual or through imagination. However I am belong to both category since I know how to draw visual and through imagination. Maybe its because I love to create a story then I just let my mind play with it like watching movies then I develop a photographic memory, or its really my talent that was inborn on me. After all, drawing is my talent and not my skills. The talent will never disappear as long  as it's already in me, even if its a long long ages since the last time I draw, only needs more practice to enhance, develop and cultivate the talent that is in me. 

Talent and Skills are different:

Skills -  are often taught and considered as a demonstrated talent. It is the “nurture” aspect which is the opposite of a talent being the “nature” or natural acquisition of ability. In this viewpoint, it can be said that a skill can be a result or an extension of a person’s particular talent and considerable effort. This means that a talent can be a stepping stone to improve a skill. A skill can be a refined ability when combined with talent.

Talent - is defined by resources as the ability by a person that is inherent, inborn, or naturally occurring. A talent is said to be a special ability to do something without prior experience, study, or tutelage. It is often classified or compared to an instinct or a certain flair for doing something without extra effort and almost perfect in execution.


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