Dinner Date At Gangnam Korean Restaurant

Taken June 17, 2015

The other night, My king promise me that if he receive his salary he will take me to gangnam korean restaurant; and he really fulfilled his promise. We've been there at gangnam twice before and tonight so make it thrice. I am counting the times that we've been there, for me to try all the foods that suited on my taste. 

Side Dishes(Kimchi, eggplant salad,Bean sprout,potatoes and seaweed soup)

Omelet Rice
Korean Stew with Ham and Tofu Plus Rice

Mocha Frappe

I am the one who ate many of this foods since my king doesn't really like to eat korean foods. I am becoming more circle than he is, since I ate a lot so much as long as he can still bear from his pocket cash. ajaja ^_^

This is my best buddy in eating my king. Look at our face, its getting more circle just like siopao. ajaja ^_^.. But after we get married soon, I am planning to be more conscious on our diet, since our body is a source of everything. I am afraid that we will get sick left nothing on our future. However, someday I will be in charge of foods in the house when we have our own home with the kids. I am planning to cook more fish and vegetables that my Kings favorite (peace)...ajajaja especially Okra..ejeje ^_^. I knew a little about cooking but since there are lots of resources todays generation including books, youtube and other resourceful stuff, so it makes thing a little bit more easier. On the contrary, I am a fast learner so its not so big deal for me as long as I am interested. Just a little bit boost for myself. ajajaj ^_^


My King sent me a message on my skype for me to go home early. Because his team are planning to buy pizza for them to give prize for their hard works. Just a little pleasures to inspired to work more harder. I am a joiner on the team hence, they splash a little blessing for me that made me happy. You know, foods are my happiness. ajajaj ^_^

Thanks my King for letting me try all the foods that I am cravings. For all this time you are a good provider in a way that I can no longer ask anything from you. Because you've given me a lot of things, foods and everything that I never ask from you. You are such a good boyfriend and I can no longer ask anyone else. I love you sooo much my king...^_^


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