HPO Summer Outing At Costa Marina Resort

Taken June 20, 2015

Finally, the summer outing was set last June 20, 2015. The said outing was postponed twice due to many consequences that employees cannot come to the previous set date. Perhaps because it was summer so many set date had been scheduled first before the company summer outing. Eventually, the outing was finally set but without the owner of the company. On the contrary, the outing was blissful and fun. There is no programs to be follow on that day, all we did was swimming and tour the facilities at Costa Marina Resort.

Here are some pictures of our summer outing: 

We waited here at the Costa Marina Terminal.

We just arrived at Costa Marina and took a picture before the entrance.

We took many pictures using my Gopro Hero 3+.

We really enjoyed taking photos and videos underwater. ^_^


We tour the whole facilities after taking our shower.



The HPO Family

Many of the employees didn't come to our summer outing. Some of them went home  to celebrate Father's day with their family. Even though we are not complete but still we are blissful, thus we had given a time to enjoy ourselves in the sea water and taking lots of pictures for memories. Also, there are many leftover foods and some of my colleagues brought the foods at home. Looking forward for the next fun and adventurous outing with the whole HPO family.



  1. You got the best place to enjoy with your colleagues. This place is awesome. :) Thanks for sharing ♥

  2. Hi maam bonet, yeah that place is awesome. There are lot of beautiful beaches here in Davao City many of it is located at Samal Island. If you happen to visit here in Davao just visit this site so you can have many choices:


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