Late Summer Escapade 2015

Taken June 6-7, 2015

A last minute journey for summer. My king and I had plan to go at Seagull Mountain Resort by back packing through a bus. Then, just last friday night, his friend called him asking if my king can accompany him going to Cagayan because of some errand. Knowing to the fact that my kings multicab is not in good condition to travel and the path going to Seagull Mountain Resort was like a large intestine. Eventually we took the chance to accompany him so we can save money for our fare. The plan is after the errand in Cagayan was that we will go back to Seagull so we can have our summer vacation for just a day.

By 6:00 am in the morning we begun our journey. It took more than 16 hours of travel riding on Innova Car going to Cagayan then back to Seagull Resort. We came past 10:00pm at Seagull Resort and was so late for checking in, but it's okey since before we went to Cagayan we stop by at Seagull letting them know that we want to stay there for a night after our errand in Cagayan. Then the information desk officer gave us a phone number so that we can call someone to assist us if we can go back there. I am glad that I am not prone to motion sickness or vomit while on travel. Though it's really my first time going to a distant place by land. Yet, I am happy.

Here are some photos of our travel:

We stop by at Robinson Mall at CDO to grab a bite.

 A very delicious big lobster for our lunch. This is my first time to eat this kind of seafood and the feeling was like heaven even though it's very expensive but it's worth it.

Our photos at Seagull Mountain Resort. The place was cold at night and even in the morning.

A cab that the resort used for fetching and conveying the guest to a water falls.

This is the pool in Seagull Resort.



A very cold water falls. 


I took the chance to selfie this military wheels and with permission. 


Some taken photos that I love. ^_^

I wanna travel again with my family someday. If time will come that money is no longer my problem; I want to bring my whole family to all the places, and to all the restaurant that I had been. I let them try the foods that I ate just to make them happy. I am hoping that it will happen someday with the Lord guidance and blessings.


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