My Talent For Drawing

My King

 Hana Ko LunLun

These are some of my drawings when I was a little girl. I think the pencil shades was starting to efface since it was ages ago the last time I draw. When I was a child I really love to draw. Maybe, my talent passover unto me since my mother, father and uncle knew how to draw even my brother and sister. I draw many kinds of things including landscape in my hometown, person like my classmates in elementary, pictures in a books and many more. The wife of my pastor before asking me to draw something for Children BBS in church as materials. It was so long ago that I drawn those materials but the wife of my Pastor told me that she keep it and still using until now. Even my Lola always asking me to draw pictures from the Bible for her Sunday School Materials and she still keeping it until now. I am really flattered knowing that they still keep my drawings even though it's kinda old. Maybe my legacy? ejeje ^_^

Before, I also made paper dolls and dresses. Considering that I know how to draw paper dolls, many of classmates asking me to draw paper dolls for them. They will give me papers, banana cue or ginanggang and drinks in exchange for the papers dolls.ajajaj ^_^  . When I was in grade five, my teacher doesn't know who among of her pupils know how to draw but all of my classmates since we are together from kindergarten knew that I draw so they pointed me. That's the beginning that I always draw bigger pictures out of the book though blackboard. It's kinda exhausted because I draw in blackboard and in my notebook nonetheless I keep it hidden. However, when I was in grade six my teacher wants us to draw a Digestive system from the books in our drawing notebook. When my teacher was checking our drawings she noticed that my drawing was a copy cat from the book and told me that I traced my drawing and I said not. Then my classmates defended me and it was also the start that I draw again in blackboard but  am thankful that my grades in drawing are high. Then my teachers sent me to participates in a drawing competition.

I have an unforgettable moment that until now it's clear in my mind. Before I really love to draw and I used a lots of coupon bond papers. Then one time my mother scolded me because I didn't do nothing for the whole day even helping for household chores. I am always with my books, paper and pencil. When my mother scolded me I was badly hurt and I threw away all my drawing including my previous drawing outside in our house near the canal. I was just looking outside through window and crying while the rain keeps falling down and soak wet all my drawings. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. Even if does happened but still I keep my love on drawing.



It's been ages since the last time I draw and these are the new ones. I only saved some of my drawings when I was a child but it's only few. Now,  I never thought that still I can draw because lacks of free time and I have lots of priority.

I think there are two categories when it comes to drawing. Drawing through visual or through imagination. However I am belong to both category since I know how to draw visual and through imagination. Maybe its because I love to create a story then I just let my mind play with it like watching movies then I develop a photographic memory, or its really my talent that was inborn on me. After all, drawing is my talent and not my skills. The talent will never disappear as long  as it's already in me, even if its a long long ages since the last time I draw, only needs more practice to enhance, develop and cultivate the talent that is in me. 

Talent and Skills are different:

Skills -  are often taught and considered as a demonstrated talent. It is the “nurture” aspect which is the opposite of a talent being the “nature” or natural acquisition of ability. In this viewpoint, it can be said that a skill can be a result or an extension of a person’s particular talent and considerable effort. This means that a talent can be a stepping stone to improve a skill. A skill can be a refined ability when combined with talent.

Talent - is defined by resources as the ability by a person that is inherent, inborn, or naturally occurring. A talent is said to be a special ability to do something without prior experience, study, or tutelage. It is often classified or compared to an instinct or a certain flair for doing something without extra effort and almost perfect in execution.


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