The History Of My Name

My given name was a gift from my parents that I will carrying for eternity. I should never cover it with unclean image that would lead to disappointments. When I was at my mother's womb. My grandparents thought that I was a boy, seeing that my mother are showing some appearances that she was carrying a baby boy. I was born on 1980's hence ultrasound is very expensive, they only trust their instinct for pregnant person. Their instinct led them to buy baby boy clothes so when I come out. Some of the clothes I wore are for baby boy. Perhaps, this is why I am being a a little bit boyish and a simple woman without art on my face.

My mother told me that the foods she was cravings are papaya, siopao and balut. Mother told me she doesn't like to eat balut. But when she was carrying me that time, my mother really love to eat balut. After giving birth to me; she doesn't want to eat balut again. Possibly, this is why I love to eat balut. Also I have a fair skin maybe because of siopao, a circle face, and a cry baby because of papaya.

Reu -  This name of my mine was given by my grandmother at mother side. Considering that my grandmother love reading Bibles. She took my name from the Bible that can be found in Genesis 11-21. 
The name Reu in the Bible:

(His friend or His Shepherd) is a son of Peleg the brother of Joktan; the two arch-fathers of the Shemite divide (Genesis 11:18). Reu's son is Serug, and his grandson is Nahor, the grandfather of Abraham. Reu is therefore also an ancestor of David and ultimately of Jesus Christ (Luke 3:35, curiously spelled Ραγαυ, Ragau), but also see the name Reuel, which in the Greek Septuagint appears as Ραγουηλ, Raguel.

Etymology of the name Reu:

Theological Dictionary reports that Reu is the name of an ancient god.

Salvy - This name of mine was also given by my grandparents at father side. At first,they thought that I was a boy, so my grandfather wants my name to be Salvador like his name. Carrying the blood of a first baby boy in my mother side. However, I was born a healthy baby girl. Instead of Salvador, they omitted some of the letters and Salvy was born.

At of this moment, I want my friends to call me re-u  sounds like my favorite anime instead of roo or salvy. But in my hometown people call me salvy,salv,sal or bing. I love my name so much, because it's a combination of unique letters and can be sounds like a name from Japanese, Korean and Mexican. The name Reu Salvy is really meant for me for having a one fourth blood from Filipino, Chinese and Mexican ancestry. Thus, there is no mexican feature that can be seen on my face only chinese features; but other people mistook me as Korean if I just only keep my mouth silent.

Thanks to my parents for giving me such a wonderful gift (my name) and specially to God the most high above all for letting me see the world through my parents.



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