Turtle Drawing By My King

This cute little turtle is me and was drawn by my king. I was watching movie that time when he draw this cute little turtle using his white illustration board. When he showed me his drawing, I took a picture using my mobile phone and used photogrid apps for the sea background, just like a real turtle at the sea. His drawing was so cute especially the eyes. I was really focus on the movie that I even not noticed that he already drawn me as a pawikan. So why did he draw me as pawikan? The whole details was already posted from my previous post.

Last night, I showed him my posted images of my drawings in my blog and his asking me if I still keep the pawikan that he drawn before. I said that I posted it on my twitter already. I was just smiling at him and told him that "do you want me to post the pawikan you drawn?" he was just smiling because he knows that I am right and I teased him for that. ajajaja...I am very much grateful towards him since he was the one who helped me redesigned my blog and even got sick for more than two days. For my gratitude to him I posted here this pawikan drawing.

My King is also a talented person since he also knew how to draw through visual and imagination just like me. He has an eye of an artist considering that for being a programmer he also knew how to design. A one of kind person who has multiple talents and gifts and that's My King ^_^.

Reu Inlove ^_^


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