Pursuing My Talent For Drawing

Here I am again, thinking of what to do on my not so busy life. I'm already done watching Time We Were Not In love,The Royals, Game Of Thrones and many more. I bought a lot of books and downloading PDF books but still I haven't read it all yet. I wanted  to keep myself busy because I'm inefficient not to do nothing. I really keep changing my thoughts on what to do next. Probably my time is visible and flexible this is why I'm thinking too much on how to make my time busy. Not like any others that don't have time and even forgetting their selves because of a busy lifestyle. Just like before when I got a home base job I don't even think about myself, all I want is to finish the task that was given to me by my client. Unlike now that I do have much free time to think other stuff and I'm quiet enjoying it just for now, because someday when I have my own family I will have a busy life again. Now I want to continue my talent for drawings and need an effort to do so. On the contrary I've been thinking on doing the same thing in same time since I love writing and drawings. I think it's the right thing to do for not wasting my talent and doing nothing for a while. Every now and then I keep changing the things I want to do depending on my mood. If my mood change then I urge to do on what's on my mind. Just to keep pampering myself and the chance to improve the talents that's already in me. On the other hand I love what I'm doing without hurting others. It's a matter of following my passion on something that's my heart desire.


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