Writing Is Hard For Me

Recently, I have been thinking of something that makes my life a little bit busy. To put my passion in one thing and not with many things that makes my thoughts to wander. I have been thinking to be a photographer since being in that kind of passion can easily be acquired if you put your life a stake for venture. However, I am not really interested in that kind of things though I have friends who are now photographers but then is not my passion. Then, I have also thinking to be a painter though I knew that I have talent for drawing since that's a hereditary talents that pass through in me. Thus, I want something new that even it's hard for me it will make my life open for new challenge. Now, I finally know one thing and that is to become a writer. Writing is not new to me ever since I was in high school. Before I wrote my own emotions and poems in paper, then throwing those papers in a trash so that nobody can read. It's a part of me on how I cope up my struggles on those days. But never ever come in my mind that this day will come for me to realize that writing is already a part of me. Now, I am starting to improve myself to become a good writer but as I go along it's not an easy path to become one good writer. 

For now, I am being dragged down while reading others blogs on how creative they are on writing blogs that's can captivate one soul. There are many writers that are exceptional and very talented. I wonder how they become a good writers and how they did it to make words as though a part of them. Reading many blogs makes me jealous and deprive my passion in writing but I know we can't learn easily in a days it will takes sometime.

As a challenge for me, I bought many kinds of books including Bible, Bible stories, Grammar books, poems and Dictionaries. I even downloaded pdf books that's already on my mobile for me improve myself. This is a new beginning of my new life cycle as I live for me to realize that life is not easy to live on. After all I chose this kind of ventures that everybody can get on. All words that will be written on this blog of mine will last forever since this is my own words that will captivates readers soul. Learning is a long process as long as I am hoping that someday I will become a good writer.Now, I am starting to believe myself that I can. Also I am praying to God for his assistance that He will give me never ending knowledge and wisdom. ^_^

I am Melodramatic with this..ajajjaj peace ^_^


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