My New Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera

September 27, 2015


I didn't thought this time will come were I own many gadgets more than I never expected and needed. I don't have digital camera or phones with built in camera before. Even in my college days as an IT student I didn't own a laptop for my schooling. My parents can't buy me one so I only went to internet cafe to make my projects and also borrowing my board mates laptop after they'll use it. I'm willing to wait even after midnight just to make my documentation in thesis.jujuju.. I almost cry reminiscing  my past experience before  that I have nothing and now I own many gadgets. After my sister will graduate next year I can finally save money for myself because my remaining payments is the lot in a cemetery that will end year 2019. I post the exact date when I bought my camera for me to remember it someday how grateful that I bought this camera.

I just found out that I do have a newly discovered trait that's new to me or maybe not. I just knowingly knew early this year when my King told me. He notice that when I want something or my focus was into it I want to have it so badly and quickly without waiting. Just like when we are in the stages of knowing to know each other with my king. I got to know him for just 5 days and though I knew him since he was my crush in school it's still different when you can talk with a person you like; not just by looking in a distance but in stage of knowing, and I don't regret it for having him as quickly but being with him for infinity.This traits will happen to me just only sometimes; but if occurs it's difficult to control. Despite of that traits of mine so far I didn't regret what I have so quickly that stays in me for longer period of time. I'm not comparing my king to the things I have already and to have someday. Only this trait of mine that's difficult to control because if I don't have the things that I wanted so badly my insomnia will strikes as what my King notice it to me. I don't know if it's kind of a desease or sickness I just don't know why I'm like this. Hoping to control this trait of mine. ajaja

Before I bought my new sony a6000 I have doubts because I was comparing it to canon eos m3. I watch reviews in the internet and youtube but I coudn't decide. Even in my heart I know what's the best but I was thinking too much what's the best option just to save more money. If I bought canon eos m3 than sony a6000 I can save a lot despite the difference of the two. I did think to sell gopro hero 3+ which I bought September 2014 last year just for me to have a remaining money on my account. Unfortunately my king and one of my friend Queenie who helped me decide not to sell it; since it will be the most hand carry gadgets when traveling especially at the beach. Queenie said that gopro is the best camera to carry to travel because it's okey if it fall or got wet since it's built on gopro. Then I search gopro hero 3+ photos on the internet and think that they are right for not selling my gopro. I think that I'll regret it someday if I sell it so I decided not to. Though I have a second thought because I'm not really use to selling my personal things; but thanks to them for helping me decide what's the best for me. Thanks for my king who accompanied me and helped me decide what camera will I buy. He enlighten my mind saying that if you buy camera now just choose the camera that really close to your heart. Just think that if you buy it right now you will buy the best quality. He said that if I sell the dslr that he gave to me I'll exchange it with the best. Then I decide to buy the sony a6000 because that's the camera that close to my heart. After buying it my king said that he's happy because I choose the best. He already knows what the best but he let me have my own decision. Then when we went to mcdonals bajada then suddenly I cried because I will miss my dslr since it has a sentimental value for me. It was a gift from my king. Then while I'm crying my king took a video of me and asked why did I cried and I replied that I don't know myself why I think things has a life. Thinking that if my things went to wrong hands they will cry. jujuju.. My king just laugh at me and he will upload the video to vines. ajaja I knew he was just joking. Seriously my king said to me that things don't have life and the purpose of them is to be useful for human. He also told me just to make myself clear that if I don't sell my things today it will be a vintage someday and it will cost a million. I'm glad that I heard it and it made my heart smile. I didn't asked my king to sum up my cash on hand because I know that he has lot of bills to pay including our st. peter, house, my birthday gifts ejeje, proposal and to our upcoming wedding next year. If I was so attached and become sentimental with things that I have; how much more if it comes to love.

I just told to myself that this things is worth the price and it will be the last gadgets I bought as a single woman before I entered the world of marriage as an advance gift. For I know that if I'm into marriage life I can't think of buying these things since I do have my other priorities my family and future children. Family first before something or anything else. Lastly this gadgets of mine will be useful for the upcoming event in my life and to our lives. For sure the memories is great because I can captures brightest smile with my clear imaging cameras. In the coming years people will not notice as I age since my camera has the best photographic imaging colors. This is it, For the future and to my future vintage gadgets. Jejeje...^_^

Looking forward for the new fun and exciting photos with my new Sony A6000 camera.

My Broken Watch

September 26, 2015

This watch was a Christmas gift from my king last December 2013. It was a year of sorrow of my family when my father died from a sickness. I remember that he was asking his old handy watch that I hid it for so long and when I finally decide to give it to my father it was that time that God took my fathers life. I really can't forget it.

Anyway, my king brought this watch to technician just last friday. This watch was already fixed but just last sunday this watch was broke again so we decided to brought it to the technician today since it has a warranty. However the machine was totally damage so we need to pay a high amount for this watch to be fixed again. I'm used to have watch on my wrist but when my watch was already broken I still keep watching my wrist unconsciously. There was a time a woman was asking a time and I still use this watch even it was already broken. Then I suddenly remember that it was broken so I said just a second ma'am since my watch is broken so I get my phone from my bag and told her the time. Jajaja.. This watch served me a lot same with my shoes. I really can' live without a watch.

Monthsary Date Before 12 Midnight Ends

Java Chip Frappe and Cookies N' Cream Frappe

Korean Side Dishes
Korean Noodles With Fresh Vegetables And Egg

Pork Cutlet

A monthsary date for King and Queen is almost over when the 12 midnight arrived. We celebrated our late monthsary date since my king was on the celebration of intramurals in school. I just let myself sleep while waiting for his arrival preparing for the late celebration. Since it was already late we decided to have coffee but I said that I want to eat spicy noodles. We think what's the best restaurant that serves spicy noodles and coffee so we choose gangnam restaurant. The restaurant is open until 3am in the morning service and has also a wifi intended for the customers for a longer stay. They also have books if you decide to stay for a while if you are a bookish person. You will enjoy the environment since they all have what we need for a customer to be entertain. Thus, we really enjoyed our stay that we went home until the closing time and I even busy writing on my blogs. ajaja 

My Worn Out Shoes

This is the first costly shoes that I bought in converse store at Gaisano Mall Davao. I have only two pairs of shoes and this shoes is my favorite. I've been using this for more than 3 years. jujuju.. so sad this shoes is nearly giving up and this is my best buddy when I travel because I'm comfortable wearing this shoes. Unfortunately I need to buy one. I took this photo before I can never use it again. 

Heneral Luna Movie An Eye Opener For The Filipinos



Heneral Luna is a 2015 Filipino historical biopic film depicting General Antonio Luna's leadership of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the Philippine-American War. It opens with the beginning of hostilities with the American colonizers, and ends with the assassination of Luna on June 5, 1899 - a period in which Luna served as Supreme Chief of the Army under the First Philippine Republic.

Directed by Jerrold Tarog and produced by Artikulo Uno Productions, the film has garnered critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike, praising its cinematography, writing, acting and plot. With an estimated budget of 80 million pesos, it is one of the most expensive Filipino epic historical films ever released. The film has been selected as the Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards.


President Emilio Aguinaldo (Mon Confiado) and his cabinet are debating the issue of the American presence in the Philippines. Felipe Buencamino (Nonie Buencamino) and Pedro Paterno (Leo Martinez) support the American occupation, while Prime Minister Apolinario Mabini (Epi Quizon) and General Antonio Luna (John Arcilla) want independence for the Philippines. Luna asks the cabinet to authorize a pre-emptive strike while the Americans have yet to land their ground troops. Aguinaldo however assured his cabinet that the Americans had promised him to win the country's freedom from their Spanish overlords. Unfortunately, the Americans have invaded key cities in Manila, declaring war against the Filipinos.

Luna and his trusted comrades – General José Alejandrino (Alvin Anson), Colonel Francisco “Paco” Román (Joem Bascon), Captain Eduardo Rusca (Archie Alemania), Captain José Bernal (Alex Medina) and Colonel Manuel Bernal (Art Acuña) – embark on an arduous campaign against the invading American forces. During an intense battle against troops led by General Arthur MacArthur (Romcel Musa), Luna asks for reinforcements from the Kawit Battalion but its commander, Captain Pedro Janolino (Ketchup Eusebio), refuses to comply because the order did not come from President Aguinaldo. Luna angrily rides to Janolino's camp, humiliates him in front his men, and dismisses the battalion for insubordination. Luna then assembles an army of 4,000 soldiers by declaring his infamous "Article One", stating that all who refuse to follow his orders shall be executed without the benefit of a trial in a military court.

As the war drags on, Buencamino and Paterno indicate their support of a proposal by the Americans for Philippine autonomy. Enraged by this, Luna orders their arrest. Luna’s campaign is undermined by General Tomás Mascardo (Lorenz Martinez), who opposes Luna's order for reinforcements, stating that he will only follow the President's direct orders. While the two generals are about to clash in Pampanga, the Americans advance steadily as other Filipino generals like Gregorio del Pilar (Paulo Avelino) retreat to the north. Luna visits Aguinaldo and Mabini to file his resignation, knowing that Buencamino and Paterno had been set free. Aguinaldo refuses to accept his resignation, but agrees to let Luna establish a headquarters for the Philippine Army in the north.

Later, Luna is summoned by telegram to the President’s headquarters in Cabanatuan. Although his officers are suspicious, Luna rides to Cabanatuan, bringing only Román and Rusca with him. Most of the soldiers had already left headquarters under President Aguinaldo's orders, with the exception of some elements of the Kawit Battalion. Luna discovers upon arrival that Aguinaldo had already left and only Buencamino remains in the office. As they exchange heated words, a single shot is fired outside. Luna investigates and encounters Janolino and his men, who attack him. Luna is shot, stabbed, and hacked repeatedly to death. Román is also killed while a wounded Rusca surrenders to the Kawit soldiers. All of Luna's remaining loyal officers are arrested, while some are killed, including the Bernal brothers.

As ordered by Aguinaldo, Luna is buried with full military honors by the Kawit Battalion - the same men who killed him. Mabini, who is among the mourners, notices a bloodied machete of one of the soldiers; however, the Kawit Battalion would be exonerated thereafter. The Americans acknowledge Luna as a worthy adversary and the only real general the Philippine Army had.

In the mid-credits scene, del Pilar gathers Luna's remaining men and orders his aide to select 60 of them.

My Own Reflections:

In the movie there are certain words that Heneral Antonio Luna said that remains in my mind here are:

1. Our own enemy is ourselves
2. We can defeat them by our tactics
3. Our allies is our enemy

The movie shows that politics is a business to achieve power and money. People are blinded with power and money to extend that they are willing to kill anybody who are an obstacle to their own greedy motives. Even up to this days we are surrounded by the people who are greedy especially our own government. They are washing their hands with the use of money, power and media. 

People right now are savoring too much freedom thanks for those people who sacrifice their selves just to save our nation. However are we really free? We are a prisoners of our own country as what Heneral Luna said our own allies is our enemy. Filipinos are killing each others just to achieve power and money. In fact what we all need is unity to achieve the freedom that we really need.

I made this poem year 2008 as our teacher required us to write a poem. All poems that was written by individual students was required to put it in the blackboard with our names written at the back of the coupon bond where the poems are written. Then the english and tagalog poem was sub divided. The students will put a green paper dots to stick the poem that they have chosen. My written poem that was written in english was choosen among all the other poems and our teacher gave me a medal. I never thought that my poem will match up to this year historical movie of the Philippines. Here is my poem that I offer for the whole nation and to whole world.

The World To Live
by: Reu

How wonderful to live in the world 
Where all nations are free
To live in the silence of peace
Like a bird flying in the sky

But how can we live at peace
If nations are in cage of darkness
The sword of freedom is in the hands of people
Sword of unity is the key to freedom

Release the cage of darkness
And give light to nations
For the love of motherland
Is in the sword of unity.


S&R New York Style Pizza Davao

After my duty yesterday at 3:00 pm my king decided that we will watch movie at the Cinema. I choose Heneral Luna for my curiosity because I've heard positive comments. My king come so late to pick me up so we haven't catch up the 3:45pm schedule for Heneral Luna so we choose the 6:15pm schedule. As we are waiting for the time we went to eat pizza at S&R. Then after we eat pizza and fries my king had a meeting with an IOS Team so we choose Starbucks as their meeting place. After the meeting we watch Heneral Luna movie.

Ground Floor Abreeza Mall Davao City


(082) 299.0909


Blueposts Boiling Shrimp and Crabs Davao

Last Month on our monthsary date we celebrated and advance monthsary because my calendar was advance. ajaja.. I never forgot our monthsary it's just that I've lost track of time and date. I can never know if I haven't notice it on my report in bitrix. It was 3 days had passed before I noticed the date. Can you imagine that? ajaja..but anyway it's fine because it's already done.

JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur
Phone:(082) 224 6349/221-8360

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Business Park
Address: KM. 7, J.P. Laurel Ave, Buhangin District, Davao City, Davao del Sur


TGI Fridays Davao

Davao City Abreeza Mall, Abreeza Ayala Business Park, JP Laurel Avenue
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Seoulmate Cafe Davao

D'Leonor Hotel Building, J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, 19-B Poblacion, 8000 Davao City
0998 159 7046


Grab A Crab Seafood Restaurant Davao

Abreeza Mall, Abreeza Ayala Business Park, J.P. Laurel Ave
SM City Davao Branch - Annex, SM City Davao'
Quimpo Blvd. cor. Tulip Drive, Ecoland Subd.Davao, Davao del Sur, Philippines.


Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao


Ground Floor, The Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premiere, 
J.P. Laurel Ave, Agdao, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Phone:(082) 285 3888

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