Awaken, My Love By Robin Schone

This novel is a fiction historical romance set in 19th century. It's a time travel genre that you can never imagine. Elaine Metcliffe is a 39 year old woman that was married to Matthew where she was stuck in a marriage that is lack with passion. Elaine awakens in another century inside another woman's body namely Morrigan that was married to a virile 19th century English baron Charles Mortimer, Lord Arlcotte. Elaine is afraid to speak out her identity so she remained silent but wondering where could be the soul of her new body and why this young womans body remains virgin even she was married to Charles one year ago. However Charles wants to awaken her young bride passions and intimacy. Elaine is starting to fall in love with Charles that she never happened to experience from the arms of her husband Matthew. Will she be alright and decide to never go home where she come from? Check out and read for yourself so you would know how the story will end.

This is the first english novel I ever read. I've been reading fairytales, tagalog pocketbooks, short stories and Bible Stories before. However, this is my first time to read an english novel with many pages to turn. I was hesitant to read novels since I got lazy when I know that the there are many pages in a novel. Though I want to be a bookish girl right now but still I'm wondering myself if I can read many books as I can. What I do right now is to know what kind of stories and genre I want to read. It will keep my mind burning when I do love what stories I read. 

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