Desire And Feelings Entwined Together

Have you ever desire of something and when that desire of yours never get in your way, you feel down and disappointed? Guess what it's because your feelings and your desires are entwined together. When you desire of something and you failed with it you will say that it's the end of your world. However when you don't desire of something and you fail, it's just nothing. Its because you don't have desires and feelings that you don't even care of failing or not having it. 


  • When you desire to work in a prestigious company and you failed to be a part of that company even though you put all your efforts but still you failed. I bet you will feel so down and depressed. But if you got accepted your happiness is above to heaven. However when you apply in a prestigious company and you got accepted even though you don't have a desire to be a part of that company you will feel happy, but if you got rejected it's just nothing.  
  • If you have a crush or very much infatuated with your friend you will feel shy and nervous towards him/her. If you want that person to become your boyfriend/girlfriend but doesn't turn out to be that way and you got rejected. You will feel emotional for not having what you really desire. However if you got tease by your friends to somebody and you don't like that somebody you will never get shy towards him/her. It's because you don't have the desire and feelings towards that person.

Your desire and feelings are always together when you desire of something that you really want. No matter what it takes as longs as you love what you desire even failing it a thousand times still you want it.

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