Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

Taken September 5, 2015

This is our second time around eating dinner at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine. 
We went to abreeza mall because he wanted to buy a new bag for his macbook pro, tempered glass for ipad air1 and personal hygiene things for me. After buying all those things we decided to eat dinner because we are so famished for not eating the whole day. We are not into diet but we sleep the whole day and it make sense that we are really hungry. We keep looking for a place to eat then we pass by at hanoi when my king saw this big crabs and decided that we eat there. You know that's one of my king's favorite viand. Maybe my king loves to eat crabs all the time it's because his mother love to eat crabs when my king was in her womb. 

Here are some photos of our late dinner as always.

The Place

Bean Sprout

Fresh Lemonade Juice

Hu Tieu Tom Thit

Crispy Tadyang

Kim Dory Fish With Tamarind(Sampalok)

A big crabs



I am very thankful that we can eat many foods like these. When God gave blessings to people God never forget us. He gave us more blessings and unmerited favor as always. Hopefully, someday I will bring my family to this kind of restaurant. I want them to try the foods that I ate. Thank you Lord for the blessings.


(082) 285 2887

Abreeza Ayala Business Park, 
J.P. Laurel Ave, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur


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