I Value My Things Until It Last

Nowadays, most of the people don't really value things specially gadgets. Things don't last to owner's hand because they wanted a latest version of gadgets. Just like mobile phones. Every year the advance technology keep updating the versions of mobiles. After releasing new versions of mobiles people will trade their old phones in a less amount and buy a new one. I also want a new phones for its new features specially camera because I do love taking pictures. Most of the mobile companies is competing for a good quality of cameras that's only they could have. For those people that gadgets are needed for jobs; they need to be more updates and trade those gadgets that is not up to date. Just like my boyfriend who is a computer programmer and mobile developer his gadgets is always new and up to date. He just sell his old gadgets or trade it. Then he just need to sum up the money that he got from selling the old one and buy an up to date gadgets.  However, all of it is not applicable to me. I do value my things until it will lasts in my hands. I consider my things as my friends and they have life. I'm kinda weird right? It's maybe because I don't need an up to date versions of gadgets. But that's how I value my things specially gifts. It's not that I can't buy a things, but that's how I care them. Even when I was a little kid and don't have knowing of the environment; I do value my toys that's why my things is still fine up to now. 

There is a difference between you buy things with your own money and gifts. I will explain just a glimpse of my thoughts.

  • If you buy yourself the things you want it's up to you whether to trade it,  buy another one or valuing the things you bought with your money. Nobody will care what you do in your things because it's yours.
  • While gifts is given by the people you care and it's still up to you whether to sold it or valuing it. However you have to consider the feelings of the person who gave it to you. If the person will know that you didn't value the things they gave to you I'm sure they'll get hurt.

If my things is still functional then why should I buy new things nonetheless it's already broken. I prefer to give or swap it just to my family members and not with others people hand. What I value the most are the memories and my emotions when I bought those things and the thoughts of the people before buying a gift is very dear to me. Valuing things is treasuring the feelings of thoughts that engaging the true value of the things you have; by showing your true natures of caring your own personal pleasures.

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