Monthsary Date Before 12 Midnight Ends

Java Chip Frappe and Cookies N' Cream Frappe

Korean Side Dishes
Korean Noodles With Fresh Vegetables And Egg

Pork Cutlet

A monthsary date for King and Queen is almost over when the 12 midnight arrived. We celebrated our late monthsary date since my king was on the celebration of intramurals in school. I just let myself sleep while waiting for his arrival preparing for the late celebration. Since it was already late we decided to have coffee but I said that I want to eat spicy noodles. We think what's the best restaurant that serves spicy noodles and coffee so we choose gangnam restaurant. The restaurant is open until 3am in the morning service and has also a wifi intended for the customers for a longer stay. They also have books if you decide to stay for a while if you are a bookish person. You will enjoy the environment since they all have what we need for a customer to be entertain. Thus, we really enjoyed our stay that we went home until the closing time and I even busy writing on my blogs. ajaja 

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