My Broken Watch

This watch was a Christmas gift from my king last December 2013. It was a year of sorrow of my family when my father died from a sickness. I remember that he was asking his old handy watch that I hid it for so long and when I finally decide to give it to my father it was that time that God took my fathers life. I really can't forget it.

Anyway, my king brought this watch to technician just last friday. This watch was already fixed but just last sunday this watch was broke again so we decided to brought it to the technician today since it has a warranty. However the machine was totally damage so we need to pay a high amount for this watch to be fixed again. I'm used to have watch on my wrist but when my watch was already broken I still keep watching my wrist unconsciously. There was a time a woman was asking a time and I still use this watch even it was already broken. Then I suddenly remember that it was broken so I said just a second ma'am since my watch is broken so I get my phone from my bag and told her the time. Jajaja.. This watch served me a lot same with my shoes. I really can' live without a watch.

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