My First Outdoor Yoga Experience In North Zen Hotel

Today, I joined a yoga class in North Zen Hotel located at Sobrecary Street (near corner Lapu Lapu Street), Davao City, Davao del Sur. From the previous month's I really wanted to join a gym, zumba and yoga class; but there's nobody that can accompany me to enroll in a fitness gym or yoga class. I keep on inviting my colleagues but they have other priorities. Then I also invited my king to join me and enroll in beefit gym but he just accompany me once nothing follows. His works always keep him busy and losing track of his health. I keep on telling him that health should be the first priorities and that we should get some sweats, but he said to join later. 

Just this past few weeks, we have this friend who said that his girlfriend joined a yoga class and his girlfriend is also my friend; her name was Evan. When Evan went to my King's house and we happen to eat dinner together I asked her about the yoga class. I keep on asking and when did she start to join yoga class; where is the yoga class located; and how much is the payment for every session. She said that the yoga class schedule is always Tuesday and Thursday (TTH) and the payment is 150 in every session. After hearing all her answers I decided to accompany her in every session; she said it's fine and I'm happy to hear that I have a friend to join a yoga class together. I even bought a yoga mat to be used just for myself. Evan told me that the yoga class have a yoga mat for rent in case there are members that doesn't have a yoga mat; but she said it's much better that we have our own yoga mat just because there are many different people used it so I decided to buy one. 

Other people join yoga class because of diet and for their healthy lifestyle. That is not the case for me, I'll be joining a yoga class for my proper breathing. They said that yoga can help proper way of breathing and I'll be trying that if it's effective for me.

Here are some taken Photos

Outside View Of North Zen Hotel. The yoga class is at the ground floor right side of the picture.

This is the yoga mat I bought in Gaisano Mall Davao

This lady here is our yoga instructor ma'am Melanie.

This is my friend Evan who invited me to join the yoga class.

Before I never thought that yoga can make me sweat a lot. It's because when I watch videos through youtube they only do some yoga posture. Looking at them can't make you sweat because they look like they are very relax and only do meditation. Unlike when exercising in the gym with those kinds of heavy equipment will really make you sweat. However all those thoughts are wrong because when I did the yoga postures made me sweat a lot. Perhaps it's because by doing yoga you stretched your muscles that would make the muscles in pain. I'll plan to continue yoga and make it a habit for a healthy lifestyle. Thinking of what I experienced today made me decide to comeback. I felt so fresh by losing lots of fluids and toxins in my body. Even my breathing make it easy, I felt that blockage in my airways are gone. I will definitely do yoga once in a while not always but I will make it sometime.

Schedule Of Yoga Class:
Tuesday and Thursday

150 per session

Sobrecary Street (near corner Lapu Lapu Street), Davao City, Davao del Sur
Call: 63.82.2953997-98 or Text: +63.947.7662225
Email: [email protected]


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