My New Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera


I didn't thought this time will come were I own many gadgets more than I never expected and needed. I don't have digital camera or phones with built in camera before. Even in my college days as an IT student I didn't own a laptop for my schooling. My parents can't buy me one so I only went to internet cafe to make my projects and also borrowing my board mates laptop after they'll use it. I'm willing to wait even after midnight just to make my documentation in thesis.jujuju.. I almost cry reminiscing  my past experience before  that I have nothing and now I own many gadgets. After my sister will graduate next year I can finally save money for myself because my remaining payments is the lot in a cemetery that will end year 2019. I post the exact date when I bought my camera for me to remember it someday how grateful that I bought this camera.

I just found out that I do have a newly discovered trait that's new to me or maybe not. I just knowingly knew early this year when my King told me. He notice that when I want something or my focus was into it I want to have it so badly and quickly without waiting. Just like when we are in the stages of knowing to know each other with my king. I got to know him for just 5 days and though I knew him since he was my crush in school it's still different when you can talk with a person you like; not just by looking in a distance but in stage of knowing, and I don't regret it for having him as quickly but being with him for infinity.This traits will happen to me just only sometimes; but if occurs it's difficult to control. Despite of that traits of mine so far I didn't regret what I have so quickly that stays in me for longer period of time. I'm not comparing my king to the things I have already and to have someday. Only this trait of mine that's difficult to control because if I don't have the things that I wanted so badly my insomnia will strikes as what my King notice it to me. I don't know if it's kind of a desease or sickness I just don't know why I'm like this. Hoping to control this trait of mine. ajaja

Before I bought my new sony a6000 I have doubts because I was comparing it to canon eos m3. I watch reviews in the internet and youtube but I coudn't decide. Even in my heart I know what's the best but I was thinking too much what's the best option just to save more money. If I bought canon eos m3 than sony a6000 I can save a lot despite the difference of the two. I did think to sell gopro hero 3+ which I bought September 2014 last year just for me to have a remaining money on my account. Unfortunately my king and one of my friend Queenie who helped me decide not to sell it; since it will be the most hand carry gadgets when traveling especially at the beach. Queenie said that gopro is the best camera to carry to travel because it's okey if it fall or got wet since it's built on gopro. Then I search gopro hero 3+ photos on the internet and think that they are right for not selling my gopro. I think that I'll regret it someday if I sell it so I decided not to. Though I have a second thought because I'm not really use to selling my personal things; but thanks to them for helping me decide what's the best for me. Thanks for my king who accompanied me and helped me decide what camera will I buy. He enlighten my mind saying that if you buy camera now just choose the camera that really close to your heart. Just think that if you buy it right now you will buy the best quality. He said that if I sell the dslr that he gave to me I'll exchange it with the best. Then I decide to buy the sony a6000 because that's the camera that close to my heart. After buying it my king said that he's happy because I choose the best. He already knows what the best but he let me have my own decision. Then when we went to mcdonals bajada then suddenly I cried because I will miss my dslr since it has a sentimental value for me. It was a gift from my king. Then while I'm crying my king took a video of me and asked why did I cried and I replied that I don't know myself why I think things has a life. Thinking that if my things went to wrong hands they will cry. jujuju.. My king just laugh at me and he will upload the video to vines. ajaja I knew he was just joking. Seriously my king said to me that things don't have life and the purpose of them is to be useful for human. He also told me just to make myself clear that if I don't sell my things today it will be a vintage someday and it will cost a million. I'm glad that I heard it and it made my heart smile. I didn't asked my king to sum up my cash on hand because I know that he has lot of bills to pay including our st. peter, house, my birthday gifts ejeje, proposal and to our upcoming wedding next year. If I was so attached and become sentimental with things that I have; how much more if it comes to love.

I just told to myself that this things is worth the price and it will be the last gadgets I bought as a single woman before I entered the world of marriage as an advance gift. For I know that if I'm into marriage life I can't think of buying these things since I do have my other priorities my family and future children. Family first before something or anything else. Lastly this gadgets of mine will be useful for the upcoming event in my life and to our lives. For sure the memories is great because I can captures brightest smile with my clear imaging cameras. In the coming years people will not notice as I age since my camera has the best photographic imaging colors. This is it, For the future and to my future vintage gadgets. Jejeje...^_^

Looking forward for the new fun and exciting photos with my new Sony A6000 camera.

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