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The article that I'll be posting here is written by my king. For more than 5 years of being together I didn't know that he's also good in writing until to this day. I only knew him with an exceptional talent and skills in programming source codes. He only love math, science, physics and chemistry subjects but doesn't like english. We really are quite opposite since those subjects that he loves make me crazy ajaja ☺. In fact I asked him that I will help him with his article since that's my forte and he refuse my proposal. He just said that I will check his article if the grammar is right even though I'm not yet a good grammarian. My King told me that he cannot write a good article using manual or hand written compared to typing. So be it, he wrote this article and I couldn't believe what I read; all words that are written is unique and words coming from his own thoughts are really amazing. Then we tried a plagiarized checker to know that all written words are not copy and paste from the internet just to make me believe. Definitely the results was unique however there are some plagiarized words since he got it from the Bible verses which is common. Maybe his words and thoughts are better than mine jejeje .   I will post here his midterm project so it will never be forgotten on how good he is in writing. 

Anthony King A. Valdez

Pride and Relationship Principles
A Compilation of Insights

A Special Midterm Project 
for CF 5  and 7 – Christian Values Formation 

Me and My Pride

What is pride? I refer pride as a human behaviour where we feel things that we think that we are right and important or better compared with other people. 

Our pride may be too important in our life sometimes we think it might be one of the ingredients that keep us going. Pride may preoccupy us with our self-importance and inside our hearts sometimes it deceived us and this brings us to destruction. Pride is like a disease spreading and building its foundation as its stronghold fortress where we build walls that would make us blind by things that are right and sometimes the truth.

We, I mean everyone have this behaviour called pride, even I concede that I have my pride where once in a while. I don't even notice that I boasting about being correct is pride already. And sometimes it's difficult to acknowledge that we have this pride hanging behind our back. The worst part is we even nourish it more and think that we are right, and they are wrong with the things that we believe is correct and it’s our pride.

I’m also not exempted about pride; I likewise have an issue managing my pride. In some cases, I ask myself, am I truly correct or it’s my pride that undermines my confidence. With this inquiry, I ask myself did I proceed beyond my limits or perhaps ventured on considering some individual. With this doubt in mind, I pray and seek for help and wisdom from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Ask for guidance with the Holy Spirit in my everyday experience in life and teach me how to humble me before God. With this direction of the Holy Spirit in me and the Word of God, this will help us destroy the wall that blinds us from the truth. God is constantly here to guide us; it’s just us that need to come to Him.

Walk in Humility

Humility distinguished as the state of being humble. Sometimes eluded as constrained to referencing weakness yet it's not. I see being proud and being humble as distinctive things however not unattached. Proud is having strong confidence in your ability or capacity as opposed to being uproarious about it and do something they think the world would admire. Being humble would give a proper, presentable channel for those abilities too present.  It is easier to connect with individuals if you are humble.  Being humble opens the doors of favor, unlike confident and arrogance that can build barriers and wall. In 1 Peter 5:6 says, "6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. " NIV.

It's the reality that humility isn't an exceptionally prominent word. Sad to say individual’s fortune favors to the one that are strong and intelligent, modestly is often seen as a weakness. God doesn't see us like that, He doesn’t look only the outside deed but also what’s in our heart. In James 4:6 it says, "God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble." NKJV. In this scripture it shows and proves us that being humble, are blessed more and have unmerited favors from God.  

A humble person joyfully serves other individuals, and they don't do it for Prominence. They do it for the glory of God, knowing their unmerited favors will come from God. We are precious in God sight because He loves, cherishes and values us. Our worth and value comes from him. As we receive His grace and find our true worth in Him, then we can truly satisfy and enjoy our purpose in life and live in contentment. I believe that being humble means to be honest and truthful servant to the Lord.  It's all a matter of trusting God and His word.

On Treating People: Encourage, Appreciate, Forgive, Listen and Understand

We as an instrument of God by nature, we have a mission in our lives, and that is to encourage, appreciate, forgive, listen and understand the people around us. In our lives, there is dependably a person that needs us that will cherish and values them.

The book of life "Bible" is the best tool to use to encourage a person whether they face insurmountable challenges in life.  His words can replenish our strength and renews our mind and can help us face our fears and do the impossible thing. In Luke 1:37 says, "For nothing is impossible with God." NIV.

As we go through our journey of life, we start to appreciate the beauty of God's creation. From trees to animals and all living things around the world. God is pleased to see our faith that we have established within Him. Even if it's just a petite of his creation that we have tasted; yet, we lived fully within God's creation. God is completely amazing.

As we grew our life with our compatriots on a journey, there will always be an unpleasant occurrence that we will encounter and lived with unforgiveness and forgiveness will be tough for us to achieve. Our God is a loving Father where He wonderfully express the value of forgiveness to us. God made an ultimate sacrifice to forgive our sins, and that was the Cross of Christ. 

Listening and obeying God's command will bring victory to our lives and the people around us. If we are thinking about getting a new car, He doesn't only provide the car he also provides the carport. We just only need to listen and have faith in Him and obey his command. It was by faith with God that Noah built a large boat in the middle of the desert that saved his family from the flood.

God's purpose is way better than our plans. We just need to understand and believe in Him.

A Troubled Heart

In the bible; it was said that only those who have known sorrow can give comfort. In Isaiah 53:3 refers to Jesus as "a Man of sorrows." Thus, acquainted with sorrow Himself, He can comfort the hearts of His disciples when they become sorrowful and troubled. Christ said to his disciples; "Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; also believe in me." John 14:1 NIV.

Jesus Christ expresses that even he was aware that he is going to be crucified and abandoned them physically. However, His presence would always be with them spiritually. Ask to continue their faith in believing in God and with Him. As Christ has said and promised to them that He will prepare many rooms and place for them in His Father’s house. And will come again and receive them to Himself; referred in the Bible in John 14:2.

Even today troubled hearts is still present in our lives. Each one of us has its troubled hearts even you’re a Christian there is no exemption from not having one. Some of them are losing a loved one, conflict with a friend, personal problems, struggles in life, what the bible called sin, and many more to mention.

Nobody likes to have a troubled heart; even I don't want to experience it, who does? Time will come; this trials and pain will soon cross our path no matter what. However when that moment comes, we just need to remember and look up to Jesus Christ, as He is always on our side to comfort with our sorrows and wounded hearts. We simply need to have faith in Him; start to believe and allow Christ and the Holy Spirit that was sent to us to guide us in times of trouble.

With faith in Christ; we will experience the love, joy, and peace in our hearts.

Simple Faith. Simplified Life

Simple faith with simple life doesn't mean it's easy.  Life of Abraham as an example, he has a simple life but indeed not a natural life lived. His life is full of challenges yet he faces the difficulties of life with faith and hope in God Almighty. 

Our belief makes it simple. However fear muddles it. Fear and doubt in life is familiar to us. We seldom question God about our plans in life, what would signify better for ourselves. Even in things that would seem to be impossible, Abraham kept it simple and just believed in the Lord with his simple faith.

Let’s face it, doubt is inevitable, it will be going to happen to us if you don't cease with your fears. Trying to look for a more comfortable way out to have a simpler life will sooner or later you will not find any answer. What hinders us to live a simplified life is that we limit ourselves with our thinking and doubts. A simple life doesn't need to be complicated; we can learn it from small and simple things because faith looks beyond human limitations even on uncomplicated things.

In Hebrews 11:1 it says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not yet seen." NIV. This verse has two declarations. Both speak of the future; both speak of dependence upon God and both are full of enthusiasm.

Jesus was crucified; His disciples were paralyzed with fear and discouraged.  They saw no hope, yet faith made things beyond limitations. Fear feels permanent, but it isn’t. A faith in Christ requires obedience as the key to producing a simple faith.  With a simple faith in Christ; we will experience the love, joy, and peace in our lives.

From Now On: A New Perspective

Before the new journey, we fear man more than we fear God. As we walk to a new journey of our life as a new creation in Christ. With a new perspective, a fresh canvas in life. A new identity has given us; our identity is in Christ as a new creation and a new role in life.

We renew our self with Christ and start walking on a new path. We have changed and start turning away from what the Bible called sins and place our faith and trust in Christ our Lord and began to fear God before man. And we reconciled back with God.  This new identity then gives way to our new role as stewards and ambassadors of Christs. God has entrusted us with this role. We would all do the purposes we declare and look to the revelation of the Bible. To renew our self into the image and likeness of Christ, and it is a gift of grace.

As said in the Bible verse in 2 CORINTHIANS 5:16-17 it says "Therefore; if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone; the new is here! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation" NIV

Turning to a new perspective is not an easy initiation with life. Once we start to accept and walk on the path of Christ, the enemy will ignite a fight against us and start building lies and curses, to drag us again back to the sinful world. The enemy will give its full strength to divert our direction with Christ. But fear not for God is with us, we just need to continue to implore on Christ’s behalf and reconciled with God.  So that in Christ we might become the righteousness of God. And with action brings us closer intimacy with the presence and grace of God.


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