Photo Shoot With Barbie

These are some of the photos I've taken using Canon 550D. I really love taking pictures for the purpose of making memories. I'm  not really into photography but I own a dslr camera which is a gift from my king. When I first use dslr camera, it's kinda difficult because it will take you much time to know all the functions. Looking through the internet and watching tutorials are very helpful.   Then I ought to apply what I learned from tutorials and this is one of the moment when I practice taking photos using my canon 550D. It's already night when I took these photos. I even switch off the light and I used flashlights of my cellphone to give more emphasize of the object. It’s not that really good for now but I want to improve myself. Somehow, photography now is very useful when do blogging so I need to practice more.

These photos are not edited.



  1. I wanna learn how did you shot this. So cute and perfectly captured. :)

  2. Hi ma'am bonet thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating my taken photos. Actually I was just practicing the settings of my camera. In dslr camera there are 3 main elements the ISO, shutter speed and Aperture. ISO is a measure of how sensitive the sensor is to light. Shutter speed is the amount of time the shutter is open. Aperture is like our eyes is the size of the opening in the lens when the picture is taken. Since it was already night when I took these photos I set it to program then set ISO into 800-1600, then set high the shutter speed, then the aperture maybe f2.8 i forgot. Just to emphasize my subject and to have shadow I cast out lights using mobile flashlight. However my photos are still grainy and noisy. The best settings when taking photos at night is to set program then ISO must be 100 then not to high bec. it's better to set the slow shutter speed set to 10-30 sec. for allowing the light into the camera sensor, then the aperture f/5.6 use tripod to avoid shaking and don't use flash. When taking day pictures the ISO must be 100-200 not to high to avoid noisy photos, then make shutter speed high specially in moving objects. The aperture must be f/1.8 or 2.8 bec. the lower the number the more light that gets to the sensor. So the pictures will be crisp and doesn't have a lot of noise. I hope it can help you maam bonet. God Bless ☺♥♥

    1. Wow! It's very informative. Thank you so much REU. ♥ I'll try to do the same. :)


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