Which Is Better To Work At Home Or At The Office?

In my college days I've always been thinking what are my career path after finishing studies. That is one of my priorities to get a nice job and to work in an office. After finishing my studies, I've been into different kinds of works. Most of my time I spent it in my work. There are two kinds of workplaces that I knew most of my career life. Here are the two working environment working at the office or working at home. Either of the two have different convenience which feel you like it.

Choose the best working environment where you feel comfortable at your best option.
  • A work place where your mind can focus on a workflow
  • A work place where you can interact with colleagues
  • A work place where you can easily relax after stressing your minds
Here are my opinions of the two work place environment.

Working At Home

When I first started to work home base it was a great advantage. I can do whatever I want after finishing all the task that was given to me. Working home has it three option, working full time, part time and project base. 

  • First - working full time it's just the same like working at the office because you need to make your skype online or time tracker for the employers preferred time of your work. The payment here is good depends on what amount you agreed with the employer. You can also do part time work here if your not contented with your salary or if your body can acquire for another work.
  •  Second - working part time at home is also good because you can apply other part time jobs online. The employer will give you hours to finish the task that was given to you and let you clock in to a time tracker. It's up to you whether you finish all the hours or finishing the task already without using all the hours the employers given to you. However the payment is base on how many hours you spent.
  • Third - project base is a great deal because after finishing the task you can do whatever you want with good payments. There is no time tracker however you need to finish the project before it's deadline. After the project it may be or maybe not the employer will give you another task so you need another options.

There is always advantage and disadvantage depending on what other peoples choices. For me the great advantages working at home are keeping myself into my comfort zone and multitasking is also applicable. I can also do household chores. I can even watch movies sometimes if my employers doesn't require me to screenshots my task. Most of the time I can work without any disturbance and can work 24 hours with burgers and coffee with milk to keep me alive ajajaja. However there are disadvantage working at home for me, it's not always the taste of being comfortable to my workplace but the thing that you need to pay your own benefits as self employed and yourself need to pay it by going to establishments personal makes me tired. I can always make myself away from keyboard (AFK) tempted to sleep when my bed is always beside me. ajaja... it can be an advantage but the disadvantage is I'm not productive when my body is always at rest without having a proper exercise. I always sit and sleep when I'm working at home. The worst part is I have no one to talk. I've always been alone with my internet buddy. It's so depressing when you can't use your mouth because it's not good when someone saw me talking to myself. In addition most of moms right now is choosing the path of becoming a full time mom while working at home. It's very convenient for them because they don't need to travel and be far away from their children . They can still watch their children as they grow and nurturing the child for their own wellness.

Working At The Office

Every morning I wake up early to go in the office. It's always been a routine for me. I always eat at the right time and can even do a little exercise by walking. I can always say hi and hello to my colleagues at work and it's not boring. I can feel that I have a life while talking to them. I can hang out after work with them. The company will pay your benefits without presenting yourself. Most of the time it can be helpful to collaborate ideas with colleagues for the same objective. There are company outings that will boost your self confidence to know more about your workmates. The company will have a Christmas party celebration with all the company employees plus thirteenth month pay.  However it can be tiring because you can't relax for a longer hours in your prefer time only just for  limited time. You can't also do sideline works outside the company nonetheless your salary is higher than a normal minimum wage. There are also many things to be consider when working with your boss and colleagues. You need to know them well otherwise they will gossiping you around the office. You can't be yourself most of the time. Even opening your social media account while at work will make you reputation bad. You need to be careful on what you post to social media because you don't know someone is watching you just to caught you doing things that is not a part of your work. You need to be cautious in every action and always follow the company rules to avoid conflicts. 

While I'm still working home base I keep of thinking what comes after if my employers doesn't want me. I did apply at a company and got a job while still working my home base job. I'm used to it making myself so busy. Going home early to work my home base job is very tiring. I need to make myself keep up and avoid getting sick. Considering my love ones I need to be careful with my health. Sooner or later when having my own family and becoming a mom of my children I need to sacrifice once and for all. Thankful that there is internet that woman can still work even becoming a mom. For now, I am enjoying my productive path of career as my tranquil works keeping me busy everyday. ajaja


In spite of whether to work in the office or at home it's a choice of what environment work place a person feel convenient. Thus, making yourself comfortable in a workplace makes you boost yourself with the outcomes that are very productive. You can be happy either working at home or working remotely with your colleagues. Somehow it make yourself live on it's own and not with others. It's a mind switch every now and then and cause of every action is a choice. Make your workplace the choice you make and be productive in every aspects. Be confident and don't be afraid to try other things just remember to follow the rules.


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